Disraeli - time to let go?

November 29, 2013

Disraeli might have left us in 1881 but the passing of a 132 years has done nothing to dilute the intensity of the feelings aroused by the former Prime Minister.

Two weeks ago we published an essay by the distinguished historian David Ceserani. It was clear that the professor could not accurately be described as a fan of Disraeli. “Cad”, “bounder” – “Jews…should steer well clear of him”. And lo, the floodgates opened. Those who do not share Prof Cesarani’s view of Disraeli reacted with an anger the like of which the JC has rarely had visited on it before. It was as if King David had been attacked.

Might we tentatively suggest that after 132 years it is time to...let go?

Last updated: 11:03am, November 29 2013