JW3's triumph

October 3, 2013

Four years and two weeks ago we urged the community to get behind the fundraising campaign for the then Jewish Community Centre for London, now known as JW3. At that stage it was not even a building site. Now, gloriously, it is a living, dynamic building which has in its first week established itself at the heart of London Jewish life.

Thanks to the generosity of donors large and small, we have a unique centre which offers huge promise over the years ahead. The first programme is rich with, as they say, something for everyone. Now that the philanthropists have played their part it is down to the rest of us to ensure that JW3 is the overwhelming success that it deserves to be. Over 5000 have already visited. To the rest: do yourself a big favour and add to that number. You won’t regret it.

Last updated: 2:40pm, October 3 2013