LibDems and Jews

May 17, 2013

There will be few in the Labour Party sorry to see the back of Lord Ahmed, whose shaming of his party was long-standing and unpleasant.

He jumped before he was about to be pushed. Ed Miliband's handling of the issue was firm and just - and what a contrast with the LibDems. Even if we ignore the way Baroness Tonge was indulged for so long, the way the party has dealt with David Ward has been a disgrace.

Mr Ward, remember, condemned "the Jews" for their failure to learn from the Holocaust. The so-called disciplinary action against him consisted of requesting that he spent a few minutes with a Jew or two. Not only does he still hold the party whip, the LibDem chief whip refuses to comment on the matter. Why is it that the LibDems seem to have a problem with Jews?

Last updated: 1:45pm, May 17 2013