May 2, 2013

If there is one point on which Jews everywhere agree, it is that we rarely agree. Occasionally, however, we put our inherent fractiousness aside and uncover a deep solidarity that reminds us we are part of something bigger.

This week, we report on a community initiative that found a bone marrow donor for Sharon Berger, a grandmother from Harrow who, in her words, has had "no immune system for six years". The four-month campaign, promoted via social media and community groups, may save not only Sharon's life, but the lives of others: the Anthony Nolan bone marrow register has seen more than 1,000 Jewish donors signing up since January.

In its report on community vitality, the JLC picks out the campaign as a shining example of how it is possible to mobilise Jews across the generations. Let's say that not one, but two families, have now found new hope. The Berger family, and the Jewish family.

Last updated: 5:45pm, May 2 2013