A haven for us all

February 21, 2013

It is important not to overstate the threat to Jews on mainland Europe. We are not living in the 1930s. But nor should the threat be understated. Quite apart from the political bullying of the campaigns to make shechita and brit milah illegal, it is unconscionable that any Jew - or indeed anyone - should feel unsafe walking down the street simply because of his or her religion.

The dramatic increase in antisemitic incidents in France is deeply troubling and it is little wonder that so many French Jews are now afraid. And so, once again - 70 years after the last war - Great Britain is once again providing a safe haven for Jews. We have our problems: London is the hub of the international campaign to delegitimise Israel and the threat posed by Islamists is still not sufficiently recognised.

But as Daniel Finkelstein points out on the opposite page, the positives are of a different order of magnitude than the negatives. That is why French Jews are increasingly looking to the UK for safety.

Last updated: 5:46pm, February 21 2013