Yavneh's planned admissions process presents a troubling situation for Hertfordshire

By Rabbis Hughes Levine and Salasnik, January 27, 2016

What would your community look like without children in it? How long would it take for your shul to resemble an old age home, full of age and experience, but devoid of youth, energy and vitality?


Why the JLC own goal was so easy to avoid

By Simon Rocker, January 25, 2016

The Jewish Leadership Council's commission on women in Jewish leadership was a concerted effort to break the male stranglehold on communal organisations.

Since the commission reported four years ago, the JLC has tried to encourage progress. The 16 participants on its Gamechangers scheme to groom future leaders was equally divided between men and women.


Enough is enough - we should be centre stage

By Hannah Brady, January 25, 2016

Five years ago I decided to study in London, and the choice took me directly to the heart of the Anglo-Jewish bubble. Between now and then, I've cherished the opportunities that being an active member and leader of this community has offered me.

Of course, that includes a speaking role in last week's communal delegation to meet the Prime Minister.


Vicious? We’re the opposite!

By Sylvia Rothschild, January 21, 2016

The Bible records how the Israelites developed from tribal families to become Am Yisrael, a people in their own land. We see how they developed societal structures to spread power away from individuals to roles and systems, and what happened when those structures eroded. The model checking and balancing of power became the tripartite leadership of King, Priest and Prophet.


Remembering a warning that defied belief

By Karen Pollock, January 21, 2016

Not long out of University, in 1998, I was asked to represent the Holocaust Educational Trust at the World Jewish Congress' international gathering in Moscow - a rather daunting task at the time! After a long flight, I arrived late in the evening and upon arrival happened to meet a gentleman called Gerhard Riegner.


Why the fight must still go on

By Ian Austin MP, January 21, 2016

Dudley is known for its industrial heritage, unique zoo and castle - or even for being Sir Lenny Henry's birthplace. But few JC readers will know that the town also hosts one of the largest acts of Holocaust remembrance in the country.


Why must this year’s Yomtov be different from all other years?

By Jennifer Lipman, January 21, 2016

Pesach is late this year. It will still creep up on us, reducing us to panic-buying ground almonds and sleepless nights counting just how many hard-boiled eggs are needed for Seder, but it falls late in the calendar year, ending on the May Bank Holiday weekend.


Incomparable giant who charmed the world's elite

By Stephen Pollard, January 21, 2016

If we are all unique, George Weidenfeld was, well... more unique than everyone else.

Publisher, statesman, writer, philanthropist, fixer - and much, much more. In each of his many roles he soared to heights that most of us would never come close to in just one career. At 96 he was the master of all his trades, the Jack of none.


George, the greatest Zionist of his generation

By Ruth Deech, January 21, 2016

George, Lord Weidenfeld of Chelsea, was the greatest Zionist and British Jew of his generation. Anglo-Jewry benefited immeasurably by his support for our causes and his links with everyone who counted in politics, in the cultural world, in Europe and in Israel.


Obituary: Lord Weidenfeld

By Julie Carbonara-Levy, January 21, 2016

Formidable thinker, supreme networker, astute businessman and much-married great seducer: Lord Weidenfeld who died on Wednesday aged 96 was a multi-dimensional character whose charm and intellectual curiosity helped him become a force in publishing and a friend of the great and the good.