Shami needs to draw red lines over antisemitism

By Joan Ryan MP, June 23, 2016

There is nothing illegitimate or antisemitic about criticising the actions of the Israeli government.


I know the risks Jo faced - I've faced them too

By Lee Scott, June 23, 2016

We are all shocked and horrified by the senseless and brutal murder of Jo Cox, the Labour MP for Batley and Spen. Speculation on the motivations behind this attack is pointless. The police will conduct a thorough investigation and in the fullness of time justice will be done. Our thoughts and prayers must be with Jo's children, her husband, family and friends.


Stone-throwing Jews scare me more than terror attacks

By Mark Berg, June 16, 2016

The attack on Sarona was horrific. The people who carried it out knew only to hate. They embraced the nihilist culture of death. We must defend ourselves against them any way we can. This was an act by our enemies against a soft target.


We must work together for Israel

By Jonathan Arkush, June 16, 2016

The AJC Global Forum in Washington DC is a gathering for considered debate, conversation and action on a broad range of Jewish issues.

Widely regarded as the "State Department of the Jewish people", the American Jewish Committee has a worldwide footprint unsurpassed by any other Jewish advocacy group.

In an election year the conversation at last week's conference was always going to be domin


We can't relate to this EU debate

By Stephen Rosenthal, June 9, 2016

Like me, you're probably thinking about how you should vote in the upcoming EU Referendum. And if, like me, you're struggling, worry not. It's not you. It's us. I'm just not sure that Jews and referendums naturally go together.


I operate as a Jew in disguise

By Emma Barnett, June 9, 2016

I came out six years ago. It was roughly one o'clock in the morning and it happened without forward planning. My throat was tight and mouth desert dry as the words fell clumsily out.

"I am... a Jew." And there it was. My faith out there. Live on the radio.


Let Jews define what it means to be Jewish

By Jonathan Boyd, June 9, 2016

There is one fundamental issue the Chakrabarti Inquiry needs to understand. It has nothing to do with antisemitism or the Holocaust, or for that matter, Ken Livingstone, Naz Shah or Jeremy Corbyn. It can be summed up in two words: Jewish peoplehood.

When most people in the UK discuss Israel, it is seen as a foreign policy issue.


Vote to keep Britain's voice strong in Europe

By Stuart Polak, June 9, 2016

Speaking five years after victory in the Second World War, at the beginning of the process that began the formation of the European Union, Winston Churchill told the House of Commons that "on either side of the Atlantic it is felt that inter-dependence is part of our faith and the means of our salvation."

The European Union was conceived to render war in Europe impossible, by restraining nation


Walkies for dog owners is a real treat

By Gloria Tessler, June 9, 2016

Jack Russells, shnauzers, German shepherds, retrievers and an array of labradoodles, cockapoos and bichon frises turned out for the Maccabi GB Community Dog Walk.


Kids' trips can be traumatic for their anxious parents

By Lianne Kolirin, June 9, 2016

It began as any other ordinary day; I packed my children off to school, then rushed to work.

My eight-year-old was going on a school trip and I thought nothing of it, besides to wish him a fun day out with his friends.