How Jews survived Japan

By Colin Shindler, March 21, 2014

Most Jews recall September 1 1939 as the date innocence ended, when the Nazis marched into Poland. Fewer remember December 7 1941, when Japan attacked Pearl Harbour.


The Orthodox Jew who's Ukip's poster boy

By Angela Epstein, March 14, 2014

A few years ago, I was having a wash-and-blow in a newly opened hair salon, bang in the heart of Jewish north Manchester, when a woman who’d taught me at junior school came in. As she saw me, faint recognition flickered across her face, and turning to one of the stylists, she asked, not-so-sotto-voce (a privilege of the elderly), who I was.


Use chutzpah to revive the economy, Mr Cameron

By Grant Feller, March 14, 2014

As a mischievous teenager, I was berated by my grandmother for showing too much chutzpah. I believe she was using the original meaning of the word — insolence. She’d be amused to think that it’s now a word we use to shower praise on someone with the confidence and desire to get things done by strength of will and inventive interpretation of the rules.


We're a small community, so let's be efficient

By Nicola Loftus, March 14, 2014

There has been much discussion and debate on the effectiveness of the Jewish Leadership Council. Yet, if they are able to complete their mapping exercise of community organisations, this could prove to be one of the most important pieces of work for Anglo-Jewry.


Why it's a mitzvah to wear a funny hat at Purim

By Lawrence Cohen , March 14, 2014

Every year, immediately before Purim, my rabbi enjoins his congregation to attend the reading of the Megillah, intoning magisterially, “Remember to wear a funny hat. Don’t forget.” For him, this is the supreme mitzvah; visiting the sick, accompanying the dead, attending the bride, don’t even come close.


Shavit's fair view on Israel is a call to action

By Nicholas Saphir, March 7, 2014

No one who has read the Ha’aretz columnist Ari Shavit’s book, My Promised Land, will doubt that he writes with both hands. His analysis takes the reader from the late 19th-century through the eyes of real people and dumps shovel-loads of blame on both Jews and Arabs in equal proportions.


Girls, beware of cruel Jewish mumzillas

By Sandy Rashty, March 6, 2014

The sight of my mother striding into our kitchen with bags of shopping is not unusual.

At this point, my dad, sister and I must stop what we’re doing. She has trawled the shops and shlepped back stuff that she wants to show, unwrap and mull over.

Keen to keep her daughters pretty, she’s brought back goods that will ensure we’re presentable when we next go out to work or play.


The challenge facing our community

By Vivian Wineman, March 6, 2014

Go back 60 years and our community looked very different from today. Then families were more traditional, people married earlier; Jews were more likely to attend shul although they were less likely to be strictly Orthodox; and there were fewer mixed-faith couples.


The FA needs educating over Anelka

By Jeremy Brier, March 6, 2014

Who knew? Nicholas Anelka — the Premier League star once known for his offensive football but now known for his offensive hand gestures — is neither an antisemite nor guilty of “intentionally expressing or promoting antisemitsm”.


James Joseph Sylvester - the maths genius you could count on

By Patricia Rothman, March 1, 2014

Those who value the versatility of their computers and tablets, rely on encryption to keep their data confidential,and wonder at the many marvels of the modern world, may thank James Joseph Sylvester, one of the giants of mathematics, whose work made all these advances possible. Later this year we celebrate the 200th anniversary of his birth.