Charities, be more charitable

By Angela Epstein, March 17, 2016

There's a flattering hypothesis which prevails when, like me, you work as a journalist and sometime broadcaster.


Why the Vicki Kirby case made me tweet about antisemitism

By David Schneider, March 17, 2016

The left-leaning comedian recently tweeted his thoughts on antisemitism, offering a six-point “guide” on how to check if you were prone to Jew-hatred or not. Here he explains why he was moved to act


Bias of the myopic left

By Robert Liebman, March 10, 2016

The radical left can chew gum and protest two or more causes at the same time. In fact, as self-proclaimed humanitarians, they should cast a wide net. Why, then, in a wicked world, do western boycott activists focus only on Israel?


Israel needs us, its best friends

By Clive Sheldon and Gideon Smith, March 3, 2016

These are worrying times for Israel. Violence between Israelis and Palestinians is escalating at an alarming rate, with the Shin Bet recently reporting that the number of terror victims in 2015 was the highest in seven years.


Anti-war activists still don't 'get' antisemitism

By Mark Gardner, March 3, 2016

Jon Lansman's article in last week's JC, My doubts about Oxford Labour antisemitism claim, showed that, whether or not the left "has some kind of problem with Jews" (as has been alleged), it certainly has a problem in talking about and dealing with antisemitism.


If we can't depend on funding then we must build a new way

By Alison Rosen, March 3, 2016

There is a rising tide of concern from many social care organisations across the country about the significant shortfall in the Government's funding for social care, given the growing pressures on these services.


Hypocrites who don't take hate seriously

By Russell Langer, March 3, 2016

As someone who spends a lot of time working with the National Union of Students (NUS), it has been particularly interesting to watch the reaction from some of those on the far left of the organisation to allegations of antisemitism at Oxford University Labour Club.


Stay or go, there are no clear answers

By Shimon Cohen, February 25, 2016

Working to influence political opinion both in Westminster and in Brussels certainly gives me a unique view but not necessarily an obvious choice as we approach the EU referendum in June.

Our community has friends across all blocs and parties within the European Parliament, the Commission and the Council and I am proud that the causes I represent have real allies.


Our free trade with Israel will continue regardless

By Alex Brummer, February 25, 2016

Israel's robust trade with Britain would largely be unaffected if the UK votes to leave the EU in June. Bilateral commerce between the UK and Israel has climbed markedly in recent times and is estimated to have reached more than £5 billion in 2015 making the UK the third largest trade partner with Israel behind the US and Hong Kong.


Why Ofsted's blitz on strictly Orthodox schools is so damaging

By Chaya Spitz, February 25, 2016

What has changed in independent Charedi schools?

Since 2014, one school after another has been declared by Ofsted to be inadequate. Before 2014, the ratings of Charedi schools covered the full gamut. Some were outstanding, and many had outstanding features. Schools were lauded for pupils' behaviour and diligence, for results, for social and moral consciousness.