The BBC will protect the memory of these victims

By Danny Cohen, January 15, 2015

I am haunted by the story of Moishe the Beadle. Elie Wiesel opens his unbearably painful Holocaust memoir, Night, with the story of this kind and deeply humane man. Moishe the Beadle was the young Wiesel's dedicated teacher.


Lesson from Paris? We have to fight hatred with all we have

By David Cameron, January 15, 2015

Last weekend I joined the march on the streets of Paris surrounded by placards saying: 'je suis Juif'. In the aftermath of one of the darkest moments in Europe in recent times, people of all ages and backgrounds came together to show solidarity with those who had suffered.


We must preserve our dearest values

By Ed Miliband, January 15, 2015

The appalling terrorist attacks in Paris remind us all too clearly of the threat that terrorism poses to our security, our freedom and our way of life.


The biggest weapon that the terrorists have is fear

By Lawrence Freedman, January 15, 2015

The attacks carried out in Paris last week were neither random nor mindless. They had been planned with some care. Their immediate purposes were clear enough but how they might fit in with any strategy less so. Charlie Hebdo is back with its irreverent pictures of the prophet, and France has declared solidarity with both the magazine and the murdered Jews.


Protection is not enough. We need the courage to tackle this evil in our midst

By Maajid Nawaz, January 15, 2015

Until last week's attacks in Paris, the assumption had been that homegrown jihadist extremism was no longer operationally capable; that any attack would be a pale shadow of what al Qaeda was once able to plan in the heart of Europe.


Muslims condemned it as well

By Mohammed Amin, January 15, 2015

Few British Muslims had heard of Charlie Hebdo before last Wednesday.

Of those who had, almost none would be fans of the magazine. Personally, I found some of its cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) moderately amusing ("100 lashes if you don't die of laughter") and others just deplorable bad taste.


Offended by freedom of speech? That's life

By Oliver Kamm, January 15, 2015

"Why is freedom of expression deemed more important than Jewish lives?" asked Melanie Phillips in The Times this week. Her argument was that Western commentators were failing to report the virulent antisemitism at the heart of the Islamist terrorists' campaign of violence.


Some got it. Others are 50 shades of yellow

By Julie Burchill, January 15, 2015

As one who has always been keen to be a Jew (I pretended to be one as a teenage hack at the New Musical Express, and attempted to convert a few years back - both of which I write about at entertaining length in my latest book, Unchosen), I've always been absolutely incredulous at those people who are born Jews and seem not to want the blessing.

It's always weird meeting a dumb Jew - like meeti


We must expose extremism as a desecration of God's name

By Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, January 15, 2015

I have been to Paris on many occasions in the past. But, as I stepped off the Eurostar at Gare du Nord last Sunday, it was palpably different.


French Jews are not packing their bags

By Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, January 15, 2015

"Je suis Charlie. Je suis Juif. Je suis Français." The community I spent this weekend with said them all with pride. Contrary to a dangerous and rapidly developing narrative, French Jews are not clambering to leave.

I visited the CJL Nitsa Synagogue, just metres from the Charlie Hebdo offices and where policeman Ahmed Merabet was gunned down. Many in the community heard the shots fired.