Get out and meet the natives

By Josh Glancy, July 5, 2013

It's that time of year again. Some 1,200 teenagers are gearing up for a busy month in the Holy Land.


If we’re running the world, please can I be involved

By Amir Mizroch, July 4, 2013

Dear Chairman,


I obviously don’t get your memos.

Everywhere, Jews are being credited with influencing world events, but I always seem to miss the boat.

Turkey’s deputy prime minister now says that the “Jewish Diaspora” is responsible for the Gezi Park protests in Turkey. Why wasn’t I told about this?


A gorgeous baby — canine hora

By Tracy-Ann Oberman, July 3, 2013

Call the florists, send the chocolates, maybe knit a small jumper. Mazal tovs are in order this week because Maison Oberman has a new little addition to its numbers. And he is gorgeous. He has his father's black soulful eyes, his mothers thick luxurious hair and a cute teddy-bear button nose like his sister.


A new face of British Islam is rising. It needs your help

By Shiraz Maher, June 30, 2013

It hardly needs pointing out that those who casually embrace one form of bigotry are also more easily disposed towards other forms of hatred. Take the English Defence League, which officially claims to concern itself only with opposition to Islamist extremism, but has repeatedly demonstrated that it actually opposes all Muslims.


Age has nothing to do with justice

By Angela Epstein, June 30, 2013

With his withered skin, his body bowed by extreme age, you'd be forgiven for assuming that the old man in the newspaper photograph was another distressing example of the vulnerability of the elderly. Particularly here in Britain where a crass culture of disinterest has sometimes seen the needs of old people compromised.

Such an interpretation couldn't be more misplaced.


Israel tour: the start of a life-long romance

By Jennifer Lipman, June 28, 2013

It’s been 10 years since I packed a bulging suitcase and boarded an El Al flight to Israel for what had been billed as “a rite of passage”. I went on tour while the second intifada was raging. The summer before, numbers had plunged to just 400, and they took years to bounce back.


Here come women — at your service

By Dina Brawer, June 28, 2013

It was a (very) wet Wednesday morning a couple of weeks ago when I attended a brit in a private home. Notwithstanding the weather and the early start, the house was filled with guests.


We must stop avoiding this discussion

By Douglas Murray, June 24, 2013

Are antisemitism and Islamophobia twin sides of the same coin? Or in any way remotely similar? The none-too-subtle insinuation that they are has become commonplace in our media and politics. Prominent Jewish groups have also fallen for it. But they should know that this is a terrible trap.


A game of two (beigel) halves

By David Robson, June 24, 2013

Cricket isn't a very Jewish game. I doubt if Ian Botham, dropping the ball while he was running in to bowl, ever yelled "oy vey" as one of my team once did.


Zionism needs to recall the culture of the exile period

By Alan Johnson, June 23, 2013

Alan Johnson: What is the Jewish political tradition?