Why Jewish Refugee Day matters

By Lyn Julius, February 14, 2014

Did you know 2014 has been proclaimed the Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People? Eyes glaze at yet another demonstration of ingrained UN bias. The UN has passed more than 100 resolutions in support of Palestinian refugees. Not one resolution mentions a greater number of Jewish refugees who fled Arab countries at around the same time.


Who needs Valentine's Day when you've got a Jewish mother

By Abigail Radnor, February 14, 2014

Valentine’s Day is nothing short of a mishegas for shmereldiks (excuse me while I sell that one to Hallmark and make my millions). I don’t really know anyone who enjoys this marketing ploy of a Yom Tov, even those in smugly contented relationships.


My beautiful Shabbat

By Maureen Lipman, February 13, 2014

For once I’m ahead of myself. The table is set for ten, the chicken is pre-casseroled, the one vegetarian – bah, humbug – has been catered for and the high chair is out, even though the grandchild won’t actually sit in it. All that’s required is a dash to the deli for veg, fruit and challah.


How I found my heim from heim

By Michael Freedland, February 9, 2014

You could say I come from landed gentry. My grandfather hailed from old stock, from a place where the family had lived for generations. But in more recent years, they became true colonials. They found new homes as settlers in another world, where the streets were paved with...shmatters.


When it comes to Shabbat worship, we have too much choice

By Angela Epstein, February 8, 2014

Election talk. It’s everywhere you go. No, not that election — well, not in my quiet corner of north Manchester. I’m talking about the election of a new rabbi currently taking place at my shul.

Well, actually, it’s not really an election. More of an audition, since we seem to have adopted a hustings-style approach to trying out potential candidates for size.


The proper response to Auschwitz is a silent one

By Naftali Brawer, February 8, 2014

Several years ago I was invited to a fundraiser for a Jewish school. In attendance were a number of high-net-worth individuals from whom the school was seeking substantial contributions. It fell to the keynote speaker to make an appeal. Unsurprisingly he invoked the Holocaust.


Israel needs critical friends

By Jennifer Lipman, February 8, 2014

Oh, for the conviction of those who would boycott Israel. Forget about nuance or anguished deliberation, and bring on kneejerk condemnation the minute anyone creative does anything that suggests they might, vaguely, not dislike Israel.


Segregating men and women is not sexist? Really, rabbi?

By Lindsay Simmonds, February 1, 2014

Rabbi Daniel Levy’s anachronistic article in the JC’s Judaism page earlier this month is peppered with flawed reasoning. He suggests that “segregating men and women is not sexist”. But sexism is defined by the differentiation between sexes because of their sex alone — based on no other personal characteristic — and this is indeed the case with the mechitza.


Jesus the Palestinian, a political messiah

By Natan Levy, February 1, 2014

After the £30,000 replica wall of Bethlehem came down in the courtyard of St James’s Church Piccadilly, just before the Quakers sent their 12th year of Ecumenical Accompaniers into Palestinian villages at a cost of over £5,000 per observer, and right around the time that the Methodist Church engaged a cadre of its leading ministers and its top staffer on poverty and justice, for months of con


Why we should resist the pull of Jewish schools

By Karen Glaser, January 31, 2014

Results day is looming large for parents of Year Six children across the land. A month from now, they’ll know if their offspring have got through the door of their first-choice secondary school.
For many, that will be the comprehensive down the road, provided, of course, that the establishment is good, or good enough.