I know how the pain of loneliness can hit you

By Esther Ranzten, March 19, 2015

I always love speaking to the University of the Third Age. The audience consists of bright, adventurous old people, who always arrive early. Unusually for the British, they fill up the room from the front row. And instead of looking grumpy or impatient, they sit there smiling waiting for me to begin.


I'm not crabby after donating my time in the Miami home of the Lubavitch

By Peter Rosengard, March 19, 2015

The phone rang at midnight on Sunday; my good friend Lev, was calling from Montreal. "Hey man… It's dad's Yahrzeit tomorrow. You coming?" It's minus 33 degrees in Montreal, I might have just about made it back home to London alive - as a human block of ice.

"Lev, you people live for six months underground.


The election is coming - don't mention the war

By Robert Philpot, March 19, 2015

Twenty years ago this summer the brutal war in Bosnia reached its bloody denouement.


MPs have failed us over the Trojan school affair

By John Ware, March 19, 2015

The recent Education Select Committee's report into last summer's "Trojan Horse" affair must rank as one of the worst any select committee has produced.

It asserts that, save for a single incident, there was "no evidence of extremism or radicalisation" at any of the 16 state schools investigated independently by Peter Clarke, the government appointed Education Commissioner, and Ian Kershaw, Bir


Stepping back in time

By Efraim Zuroff, March 19, 2015

I have once again personally witnessed the ugly manifestations of resurgent neo-fascism in the Baltic countries during the past 10 days.

Last Wednesday some 1,500 Lithuanians participated in a march organised by the Union of Nationalist Youth down the main avenue of Vilnius to mark Independence Day.

On Monday, approximately the same number of Latvians gathered in the centre of Riga to honour


MPs have failed us over the Trojan school affair

By John Ware, March 18, 2015

The recent Education Select Committee’s report into last summer’s “Trojan Horse” affair must rank as one of the worst any select committee has produced.


Bibi has not burnt all his bridges

By Tim Marshall, March 18, 2015

The bridges back to a working relationship to the White House and the Mukataa are not burned. Damaged yes, but not irreparably.

Why? Because Benyamin Netanyahu’s Congress speech, and carefully worded ruling out of a Palestinian state were pre-election, and we are now post-election.


We must bring light to this darkness

By Kate Bearman, March 12, 2015

Every Shabbat at Highgate Synagogue, a member of the congregation has marked the 70 Days For 70 Years project by speaking about an essay from the compilation from which they have drawn inspiration, and in memory of a specific victim of the Holocaust. Recently, I made my speech in honour of Rachel Van Dam, who died in Sobibor concentration campat the age of 66.


A story I trust in a propaganda war

By Tracy-Ann Oberman, March 12, 2015

I've been putting the finishing touches to my latest BBC Radio 4 play, so I'm acutely aware of how a story can be told, retold and changed with the alteration of perspective. What facts to keep and what to disregard to get to a better and more gripping outcome.

It's the same with news stories. These are incredibly tangled times in which to know what to hold on to.


I debated with Norman Finkelstein at King's College. It was dire, and scary

By Alan Johnson, March 12, 2015

Debating Israel with Norman Finkelstein at King's College, London, was never going to be easy. He is a ferociously anti-Zionist Jew, a tough political street fighter forged in the ranks of American Maoism, and a hugely experienced and skilful debater who once gave Alan Dershowitz a hard time.