Should we show defiance rather than just worry?

By Lauren Libbert, November 26, 2015

As a typical mother, news of an upcoming school trip to soak up the archaeological delights of The Petrie and British museums in central London for my nine-year old elicited excitement plus the usual set of concerns. Will two chocolate biscuits in his packed lunch be enough? Will he be too warm in his coat or too cold without it? Can I really trust him to take and bring home his school cap?


Was Franco the 'good' fascist?

By Robert Philpot, November 23, 2015

On the La Coruña road in Madrid's sedate northern suburbs lies the royal palace of El Pardo. On a scorching summer's morning, the royal hunting lodge, with its tapestries woven from cartoons by Goya and Bayeu and its magnificent oak-tree-lined grounds, is eerily quiet.


The peace movement needs religion's wisdom

By Laura Janner-Klausner, November 19, 2015

Just as people said everyone had given up, hundreds of people packed out a conference hall in Tel Aviv last week to hear politicians and analysts drawn from across the religious and political spectrum debating the possibilities of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.


The real refugee problem? Bigotry

By Douglas Murray, November 19, 2015

When the European migration crisis reached its latest peak earlier this year, a Jewish friend said to me: ''This will come round to hurt the Jews - you'll see.'' At the time, I dismissed it. ''The only group this might affect are Muslims,'' I replied. He knew better. ''You'll see," he warned. And now I have.


Why are we still in denial about domestic violence in the Jewish community?

By Naomi Dickson, November 19, 2015

"Convince me" she says.

"Sorry, convince you of what," I reply. It's been a long day. And now, I'm speaking to a group of about 20 men and women about domestic violence in the Jewish community.


Be assured, we are not alone in facing the terrorist threat

By David Delew, November 19, 2015

The appalling terrorist attacks in Paris last week are just the latest example of the apocalyptic terrorism that jihadists want to bring to our cities.


I saw genuine refugees pass through. Months earlier, Paris gunmen had been among them

By Rosa Doherty, November 18, 2015

I stood at the flimsy, makeshift fence that separates Greece from Macedonia, which pens back thousands of refugees making their way to a new life in Europe.

Two Greek border patrol officers allowed them to pass through a small gap, single-file and in small groups; mothers with babies in their arms, young men carrying sheets of cardboard to save them sitting on the cold, hard ground.


Did Ben Bernanke's Torah lessons help to save the world?

By Alex Brummer, November 12, 2015

Book tours bring all kinds of people to Britain but few can be considered more important than Ben Bernanke the former chairman of America's central bank, the Federal Reserve.


Empathy in the Israel-Palestine conflict: a new approach to peace

By Simon Baron-Cohen, November 12, 2015

Zionism was a utopian dream of creating a safe homeland, born in the minds of Jewish refugees fleeing the horrific pogroms of Eastern Europe in the 1880s and 1890s. Some 30,000 Jewish utopians took the boat to Palestine, erecting tents and building the first idealistic socialist communes, the kibbutzim.


Tracked down, but Sir Gerald still won’t talk

By Marcus Dysch, November 12, 2015

The Palace of Westminster’s Star Chamber was originally a law court during the 16th century reign of Henry VII.

These days, the courtyard that bears the chamber’s name is a poorly lit car park overlooked by MPs’ offices.

On Monday it served as the backdrop for the final act in one of the least appetising chapters of the current Parliament.