Not just an olive branch:a tree

By Simon Rocker, January 17, 2014

The Board of Deputies has been battling against the latest boycott threat to emerge from the churches.

Last month, the Methodists launched an online consultation to gauge public opinion on sanctions against Israel, ahead of a policy debate next summer.


UK aiding Israel to aid the world

By Ariel Dloomy, January 17, 2014

In the 1950s the fledgling state of Israel could barely provide for its own citizens. Surrounded by enemies, trying to cope with a flood of largely impoverished refugees and with scarce natural resources, Israel was the definition of a developing country.


Do not argue with me on this one

By Sandy Rashty, January 17, 2014

Listen up, you young unmarried girls. If you’re looking to get hitched fast, there are some very simple steps to follow.

Please don’t argue with a man. He’ll think you’re too smart, informed, or that you’re looking to emasculate him. It’s a no-no.


Take a lawyer's advice - visit the occupied territories

By David Middleburgh, January 16, 2014

I have just returned from a three-day tour of the West Bank and east Jerusalem, organised by the pro-Israel, pro-peace organisation, Yachad. The participants were all passionate Zionists and, were it not for some grey hairs and wrinkles, we could have been a youth group. In fact, we were all senior lawyers or individuals with a particular interest in the rule of law.


Will Self, Neil Gaiman and the return of Uncle

By Jenni Frazer, January 13, 2014

If I wanted to be cute, I could call this piece The Elephant and the Jewish Problem, except that while there is indeed an elephant, there is as yet no discernible Jewish problem. And, I have to confess, neither is the Jewish presence exactly Jumbo sized.


Natan Sharansky — competitive, defiant and nobody’s pawn

By David Edmonds, January 12, 2014

‘Don’t disturb me, I’m playing chess”.

Natan Sharansky’s jailers took that as powerful evidence that he was going — or had already become — quite mad. After all, in his punishment cell there was no bed, chair or table, let alone a chess board and pieces. In fact, it was chess that kept him sane.


Come on Manchester, embrace this eruv

By Angela Epstein, January 12, 2014

At my nephew’s wedding in Israel a few years ago, the proud groom introduced me to the head of the Jerusalem yeshiva where he had once been a student.


Give girls a real batmitzvah experience

By Sarah Ebner, January 11, 2014

In two weeks’ time, on her batmitzvah, my daughter will read from the Torah. Jessica will be taking part in her first public act as an adult Jew, a week after her 12th birthday.

I am genuinely happy my daughter has this chance to leyn in front of our community. It’s all very different from my own experience.


Profile: Nathan Filer, Costa first-novel award winner

By Daniel Easterman, January 10, 2014

Nathan Filer is fast emerging as one of the rising stars of British literature. His first novel, The Shock of the Fall, has just won the Costa Prize for best debut novel and he is now in the running to win the competition’s grand £30,000 prize.


The dark side of Disney

By Jenni Frazer, January 10, 2014

Anyone who has been to the cinema in the last week or so may have been intrigued by a trailer for the forthcoming film, Saving Mr Banks. The film stars the oh-so-wholesome Tom Hanks and his almost equally fragrant counterpart, Emma Thompson, but the subject matter is somewhat dark.