Here's the moose perfect Jewish joke

By Rachel Mars, December 4, 2014

This year's inaugural UK Jewish Comedy Festival at JW3 has prompted a lot of people asking 'what is Jewish comedy? As a co-producer of the festival I've tried to work out what would be different about this festival to any other comedy week. Did we operate via the Virgil Thomson model? Thomson, a US composer, remarked: " The way to write American music is simple.


Is The Hunger Games Inadvertently Mocking Israel?

By James Inverne, December 4, 2014

When all about you is doom and gloom, go to the cinema. When you want an escape from the depressing daily fare of anti-Israel propaganda all around, head for the popcorn stand and the blockbuster.


Good Yom Tov to the Pontiff

By Andrew Rosemarine, December 4, 2014

Pope Francis met the Chief Rabbi of Turkey in Istanbul last week. Hacham Bashi Isak Haleva is popular in the Turkish media for his ever-present, all-embracing smile and high spirits.


A nice Jewish girl's naughty secret

By Angelica Malin, December 4, 2014

It's not the kind of conversation you normally have over the Friday night dinner table. I could have been anything - a lawyer, a doctor, an accountant. And here I am, with my lovely family, telling them that I want to run an erotica empire.

There was a deafening silence in the room. I could hear cutlery scraping against plates.


The kiddushof Christmas

By Angela Epstein, December 4, 2014

Oh, to have been inspired to write I Wish it Could Be Christmas Every Day. Every time I hear that song, I can't help but think of the ker-ching of Noddy Holder's bank balance. Not that I begrudge the Slade front-man one ha'penny of his royalties since I absolutely love this slice of brassy Yuletide pop.


Mario and Galliano plumb the depths

By David Robson, December 4, 2014

On Monday, at the British fashion industry's awards ceremony, one fashion statement outdid all the others. And it wasn't a plunging décolletage or a revolutionary cut or anything of that sort. It was the choice of John Galliano to make the most high-profile speech of the night. Mr Galliano is a designer of outrageous talent, an acknowledged genius of the trade.


Epic rift sends Israel to polls

By Anshel Pfeffer, December 4, 2014

Israel was set on the path to early elections this week after relations between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the leaders of the two centrist parties in his coalition, Yesh Atid and Hatnuah, collapsed amid a storm of recrimination.


Balotelli: Reaction is both stupid and dangerous

By Stephen Pollard, December 4, 2014

Another week, another "football antisemite" exposed.

And another series of outraged comments from our communal leaders.

Last week it was Dave Whelan, the Wigan chairman, who informed a reporter that "Jewish people chase money more than everybody else", prompting demands that he be ritually defenestrated.


We mustn't be afraid to speak out

By Colin Shindler, November 27, 2014

Diaspora critics of Israel's government's policies occupy an uncomfortable position on the political spectrum, between those who repeat the latest wisdom from Jerusalem and those who think that the establishment of Israel in 1948 was never a good idea. Either wrap yourself in the flag or burn it. Yet black or white is easy, the grey reality of the Israel-Palestine conflict is more difficult.


To compete, the arts need to collaborate

By Emma Kane, November 27, 2014

Competition can be bad for business and charities - if the focus becomes "beating" others, the losers can be the intended beneficiaries. When organisations wake up to the power of collaboration, it can give access to new markets, facilitate more ambitious projects, and prevent wastage from duplication in areas such as administration and leadership.