Bibi’s red lines are not thought through

By Jenni Frazer, June 18, 2009

Netanyahu’s speech on Sunday night anything more than posturing, or is there, as they say in Israel, real “tachlis” in his approach to the Palestinians?

Many commentators are unsure. The approach, they say, is vintage Bibi: a lot of fancy phrases with not much substance at the bottom.
The problem appears to be that while Mr Netanyahu’s “red lines” — in particular, extremely limited sovereignty for the Palestinians — appear to have played well inside his government, not a lot of thought appears to have been given as to how they translate into action.


Who cares if the Arabs accept Israel as the state of the Jews?

By Alon Pinkas, June 18, 2009

On the face of it, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s insistence that the Palestinians recognise Israel as a Jewish state seems like political tactic.

Failure to recognise Israel as a Jewish state, he could argue, would indicate that the Palestinians were not serious about an agreement. On the other hand, recognition would make his acceptance of a future Palestinian state something of a quid pro quo.


A dupe, not a villain

By Sir Martin Gilbert, June 17, 2009

Was Rudolf Kasztner a traitor to the Jewish people, who saved a few friends while allowing more than 400,000 Jews to be deported to Auschwitz, knowing their fate, but refusing to warn them? Films, plays, books and articles portray his actions in this way.

The truth is very different. Kasztner was not a villain, but a victim, who was cruelly deceived by the mastermind of mass murder, Adolf Eichmann.


Kid’s TV or strictly come trancing

By Simon Round, June 11, 2009

For those of you who haven’t watched much children’s TV recently, it has changed. When I was growing up, we were grateful for a half-hour of Bill and Ben or a few minutes of Magic Roundabout in grainy black-and-white before bedtime. Back then, children’s TV accounted for, at most, an hour a day. In between, we were forced to fill in the time by listening to records, playing with toys or watching the test card.


Radical Islamists must be exposed, not invited to tea

By Paul Richards, June 11, 2009

One of the bravest things I have witnessed is the stand taken by ex-Cabinet Minister Hazel Blears against political Islam. As her adviser, I saw first-hand the pressures on her to sit round the table with groups whose political outlook was the diametric opposite of her beliefs in pluralist democracy, rights for minorities and equality for women. She consistently stood firm.


Face it: Orthodoxy is divided

By Miriam Shaviv, June 11, 2009

To our east and to our west, two radically different snapshots of Orthodoxy. In Israel, the government is deciding whether to continue to allow certain public buses to be segregated by gender. On 40 lines, which run mostly through Charedi areas, men sit at the front, and women (who are not allowed on unless modestly dressed) at the back. These “kosher buses” are being aggressively promoted by politically minded Charedi leaders and by thugs who physically assault women who refuse to move to the back.


Anne Frank still has vital teenage role to play

By Gillian Walnes, June 11, 2009

Had she been allowed to live, Anne Frank would be celebrating her 80th birthday today. In schools all over the country, children are being encouraged to reflect on what this teenage Holocaust victim’s life could have been. She may or may not have achieved her potential as a writer; she may have married, had children and grandchildren; she may have chosen to live in the Netherlands, the USA or perhaps Israel.


Only cleaning will get rid of the dirt

By Nick Clegg, June 11, 2009

Last week, record numbers of people across Britain chose to stay at home rather than cast their vote in the European election. Even worse, almost a million turned out for the BNP. A British party of fascist thugs now has not just one seat at the European table, but two. And one of those has been taken by their leader: a man who has dismissed the Holocaust as propaganda and hysteria.


This will harm us all

By Mohammad Darawshe, June 11, 2009

Manof is attempting to make all applicants for residence in their community take a “loyalty oath” to Zionism before they are admitted. This is a distressing sign of the deteriorating relations between Arabs and Jews in Israel, although I hope it is not representative of greater Israeli society.


Revealed: Bibi’s Tweets, direct from the treadmill

By Tim Marshall, June 4, 2009

● Up early. Building to do before Obama calls. He thinks he’s so special. 05.30
● Treadmill. Sara says my waistline expanding faster than Har Homa. 06.10
● Kim Il on TV. How can you take a guy who backcombs seriously? 06.20
● BB has 5-shirter day! 5 interviews lined up. 06.30
● Only 2 clean shirts! Argue with Sara. 07.00
● Email Prosor in London. Find out if Susan Boyle is Jewish. 08.00
● Don’t worry Susan. Israel is behind you! 0850
● Prosor calls. Not Jewish. Tell him to invite her over here anyway. 09.20