Philanthropy? It’s in our nature

By Stephen Pollard, April 18, 2008

Neuroscience suggests that we are hard-wired to make money — and give it away


Why I exposed school entry flaws

By Ed Balls, April 11, 2008

Faith schools can ask for voluntary donations, but they must not be a condition of admission

Jewish schools play a vital role in delivering excellent education for young people in this country. The Jewish community’s commitment to enriching and empowering young minds — shown by the high priority education is given in Jewish homes and its central role in Jewish life — is a model we can all learn from.


Lend Blair your ears: his battle is our battle

By Tony Bayfield, April 11, 2008

The reaction to Tony Blair’s speech on faith has highlighted fundamentalism at both ends of the spectrum

Seven years ago Tony Blair invited 30 faith leaders to Downing Street and asked for their views on sending troops to Afghanistan. The responses were extremely feeble. “God bless you, Prime Minister, but could you make sure that no women and children get hurt?”


Let’s reach out to Israelis in Britain

By Lilach Lev-Ari, April 4, 2008

Israeli expatriates are alienated from the local community

I recently completed a study, carried out under the auspices of Bar-Ilan University, which aimed to find out the degree to which the estimated 50,000 Israeli
immigrants living in Britain and their descendants maintain a distinct Israeli/Jewish identity, and to what extent do they do so in the context of a mutual relationship with the local Jewish community.


Religion and politics do not mix

By Daniel Finkelstein, April 4, 2008

The Catholic Church’s victory over the Embryo Bill is a blow for freedom.

At my age, Martin Luther King Junior was dead. Before the age of 38, he had led the boycott against apartheid on the buses of Alabama, become leader of the civil-rights movement, marched on Washington and told his audience that he had a dream, spent many nights in jail and won the Nobel Peace Prize.

And then, exactly 40 years ago today, he was assassinated.


Muslim schools need better controls

By Michael Gove, March 20, 2008

You can tell when a school is truly impressive within minutes of arrival. And when I crossed the threshold at Hasmonean High School a little while ago, I could tell it was outstanding. The teachers, the boys, everything about the school spoke of a commitment to excellence. There was a respect for learning which permeated the whole school. So I wasn’t at all surprised when Hasmo was judged the best-performing comprehensive in the country by the Financial Times. It is a model school, in every respect.


NGOs must be challenged — but responsibly

By Michael Pinto-Duschinsky, March 20, 2008

Even by their normal anti-Israel standards, leading organisations such as Amnesty, Oxfam and Christian Aid were exceptionally scathing in their March 6 report, The Gaza Strip: A Humanitarian Implosion.


Blood spills, and Israel splits in two

By Eric Silver, March 13, 2008

As we often do on Fridays in Jerusalem, last week my wife and I went out for a cappuccino in a coffee shop off Jaffa Road. It was the day after a Palestinian gunman from East Jerusalem murdered eight students in the Mercaz

Harav Yeshivah, the capital’s first major terrorist attack in four years. A memorial service was taking place at the yeshivah, a couple of miles away, in the shadow of the new suspension bridge at the northern entrance to town.


A beautiful moment in Ladino’s twilight hour

By Ross Perlin, March 13, 2008

In the age of networks, the diaspora claims a few last-minute triumphs. Meeting Olga Borovaya was one of these.

Then a student at a large California university, I had worked all the standard part-time jobs: scrubbing cafeteria floors, researching trivia for a professor obsessed with arcane psychological disorders, contributing anonymously to a third-rate encyclopedia on the Balkans. I was ready to give up and accept penury, when a friend told me I should try being a reader.


Let the Vatican pray for my soul

By Nathan Jeffay, February 14, 2008

The surprise and disappointment voiced by Jewish leaders at Pope Benedict XVI’s revision of a Good Friday prayer calling for the conversion of the Jews says absolutely nothing about the Vatican, and everything about our own stupidity.

A plea to “remove the veil” from Jewish hearts and a reference to “the blindness of that people” have been dropped, but the revised prayer for the Jews asks God to “enlighten their hearts so that they recognise Jesus”.