Football failure? It's a Zionist plot

By Simon Round, July 8, 2010

Like many of you, I am still attempting to work out what went wrong with the England football team. We have top players, many of whom have played in Champions League finals, and a manager who has taken teams to the very top. So why aren't we in Sunday's World Cup final against Holland?

I went on the internet and typed in "Why did England fail at the World Cup?" expecting to read about poor tactics and overpaid, overhyped players.

However, it turns out that the real reasons for England's poor performance are far more sinister.


A most unlikely friendship

By John Krivine, July 8, 2010

I got a call from an Oriental man asking for a room for two at my B&B in Israel, and he said one of them would be in a wheelchair. I explained that my establishment didn't meet the proper criteria, but I've had guests in wheelchairs and they got about OK.

Fine, he said, we will be there tomorrow. I didn't think more about it.

Come the following day, a large dirty white van pulls up, and a hyper-active Filipino man jumps out to shake my hand and then sets about energetically decanting his cargo.


The Muslims who can teach us all a lesson

By Fiyaz Mughal, July 8, 2010

Earlier this week, the interfaith conflict-resolution organisation, Faith Matters, launched a booklet highlighting the overlooked actions of many Righteous Muslims who saved Jews in the Holocaust.

Termed "Righteous" by Yad Vashem, they gained nothing financially from their actions, yet they put themselves and their families at considerable risk by saving Jews and standing up against injustice and prejudice.


Why parents are on the warpath

By Simon Rocker, July 8, 2010

Getting your child into the right school can be a fraught business. Over the past few weeks, the JC has received a string of complaints from parents whose children have been denied a place at their local Jewish school.

Passions are running so high that one family whose child got into a school told me that the members of another family whose child was unsuccessful were not speaking to them.


Shalits must fight for Gilad, but Netanyahu must resist

By Uri Dromi, July 1, 2010

Thousands of Israelis have joined Aviva and Noam Shalit in a march meant to pressure the Israeli government into concluding a prisoner swap deal, and bring their son Gilad back home, after four years in captivity.

Isn't the government interested in freeing Gilad Shalit? Of course it is and, through the good services of the German mediator, it came as close as possible to striking a deal with Hamas last year. However, the government refused to yield to Hamas's demand to release some of the worst terrorists, responsible for the killing of hundreds of innocent Israelis.


Why is Turkey only now the villain of the piece?

By Keith Kahn-Harris, July 1, 2010

In the wake of the flotilla crisis, Israel's relations with Turkey have taken a dramatic turn for the worse. Once Israel's closest ally in the region, both countries fearing Islamism together with Iranian and Arab expansionism, the alliance now hangs by a thread.


Birthdays? I'd prefer a batmitzvah

By Bryony Gordon, July 1, 2010

I don't like to boast - oh goodness, I have already lied in the first five words of this column - but I have been to a lot of parties in my life. This is because my existence is essentially empty and hollow and I have no hobbies or interests other than drinking and smoking and trying to find a boyfriend.


Generous he may be but this Perl lacks wisdom

By Keren David, July 1, 2010

Money talks. And in the case of Benjamin Perl, businessman and philanthropist, interviewed in the JC last week about his generous endowment of new Jewish schools, money says some ugly things.


How science and religion are one

By Steve Fuller, July 1, 2010

Today, relatively few scientists - or even scientifically minded people - are inclined to cite a religious basis for their views. Yet the modern world's commitment to science has its roots in the Bible and specifically in the story of Abraham.


The World Cup? I just don't get it

By Peter Rosengard, June 24, 2010

With the World Cup looming, I decided not to be taken by surprise. Despite never having had any interest in football since April 2007, I've been pretending to be a football fan because I bought two season tickets at Arsenal. Here's my progress to date:

Me: "What's happening!? What's happening?"

Steve: "It's a penalty, Peter."

Me: "A penalty to who? Is that good? Is it Arsenal's?"

Steve: "No Pete, it's to the other side; it's not good."

Me: "What's he doing? Why is he putting the ball there?"

Steve: "That's the penalty spot, Peter."