This will harm us all

By Mohammad Darawshe, June 11, 2009

Manof is attempting to make all applicants for residence in their community take a “loyalty oath” to Zionism before they are admitted. This is a distressing sign of the deteriorating relations between Arabs and Jews in Israel, although I hope it is not representative of greater Israeli society.


Revealed: Bibi’s Tweets, direct from the treadmill

By Tim Marshall, June 4, 2009

● Up early. Building to do before Obama calls. He thinks he’s so special. 05.30
● Treadmill. Sara says my waistline expanding faster than Har Homa. 06.10
● Kim Il on TV. How can you take a guy who backcombs seriously? 06.20
● BB has 5-shirter day! 5 interviews lined up. 06.30
● Only 2 clean shirts! Argue with Sara. 07.00
● Email Prosor in London. Find out if Susan Boyle is Jewish. 08.00
● Don’t worry Susan. Israel is behind you! 0850
● Prosor calls. Not Jewish. Tell him to invite her over here anyway. 09.20


It’s old rock’n’roll but I really like it

By Joe Joseph, June 4, 2009

Forget all those creams. Stop swallowing that snake oil. Refuse those facelifts that stretch you so tight you end up with your forehead covered in ankle skin. You want a youth elixir? Go to a concert given by a superstar who made their name in the 1960s.

I have just been to see Eric Clapton at the Royal Albert Hall (yes, fabulous, thank you) and I was the youngest person in the audience by maybe 20 years (and I’m not so young that I can’t remember a time when Michael Jackson’s face wasn’t the colour of cream cheese).

Believe me, it makes you feel like a teenager in comparison.


My B&B’s not Fawlty, but don’t mention war

By John Krivine, June 4, 2009

Room for two, one night, including dinner and breakfast is 560 shekels. Not bad. But what if I spend four hours in the evening arguing intensely with my guests, veins standing out on my temples, bellowing until my voice is hoarse, then another hour the next morning grovelling? When I add that to the time spent preparing the room and doing the meals, I reckon I’m on about 80 shekels an hour.


Here we go again: it’s brainless boycott time

By David Newman, June 4, 2009

Once again, the University and College Union passed a motion condemning Israel at its annual convention. Once again it recommended boycotting Israeli universities. Once again, this will have negligible impact on academic links between the two countries.

This time, the Israeli media have given it very little coverage. Academics were mostly unaware that the issue had come up again, while those who have scientific links with their UK counterparts all reported that these had not been affected in any way.


The one sure way to achieve peace

By Simon Baron-Cohen and Avi Machlis, June 4, 2009

With plans under way for a new US-backed peace process, Israeli and Palestinian negotiators will soon be busy preparing check-lists of vital interests, intractable demands and red lines. But no peace agenda can possibly succeed without addressing the bilateral erosion of empathy. Israelis and Palestinians have fears and concerns that seem diametrically opposed. Bridging those gaps requires empathy --- the ability to imagine someone else’s thoughts and feelings. But after a century of violent conflict, both sides appear incapable of empathising with the suffering of their neighbours.


Make your link with Israel personal, not financial

By Barry Frankfurt, May 28, 2009

Since 1900, UK Jewry has supported first the idea and then the reality of the Jewish state. We have donated hundreds of millions of pounds for everything from schools to opera houses, and pretty much everything in between.

In the aftermath of Israel’s independence in 1948, the needs grew and with them our financial contribution. During the 1967 Six-Day War the young Zionists of that era forged the inextricable links that saw them become the formidable communal leaders and Israel fundraisers of the last 40 years. They saw Israel under attack and responded with their time and money.


If you want to be happy, avoid news

By Tracy-Ann Oberman, May 28, 2009

I tried an experiment today. I picked up a broadsheet and looked for a positive news story. I got to page 11 without finding a single one. Susan Boyle doesn’t count.

I gave up. Looking for a good news story is a bit like trying to find an unbiased approach to reporting on Israel. Apart from Fox News, it doesn’t exist.


Don’t let political disillusion stop you voting

By Zaki Cooper, May 28, 2009

What do Gordon Brown, Prince Charles and the Chief Rabbi have in common? It may sound like a joke but the answer is they have all given speeches to the European Parliament in the past year.

All this reflects a renewed interest in the Parliament. The Conservative Daniel Hannan’s savage riposte to the Prime Minister’s speech to MEPs in Strasbourg in March attracted a cult following on Youtube.


Power breakfasts are really no yolk

By Peter Rosengard, May 21, 2009

Daniel knelt by my side at the table, a knife in his hand. With one decisive blow… he sliced the top off my boiled egg.

“ At last!... perfection Mr Rosengard!” he said. “Yellow runny; white firm.”

“Well done Daniel,” I said to the young waiter.

We were having a slight problem with the boiled eggs this morning. I have been having two, sometimes three, breakfast meetings a day at Claridge’s for almost 30 years.

“Just walk into the lobby and look for someone who looks like he’s had three or four hundred breakfasts,” I tell my guests.