A harmonious choir of liberal conformism

By Emanuele Ottolenghi, November 26, 2010

As the saying goes, you should practice what you preach - not what emerged from the recent panel discussion between Peter Beinart, former editor of the US liberal weekly the New Republic and recent heir to the late Tony Judt's critique of Zionism, Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland, and Mick Davis, chairman of the Jewish Leadership Council.


What kind of person has one solitary allegiance?

By Matthew Gould, November 26, 2010

In my short time as British Ambassador to Israel I have come to realise that I carry around with me an extraordinary weight of historical baggage. But there is an issue which carries special salience. As a Jew and as a British citizen, the old accusation of "dual loyalty" has already raised its head.


It is our obligation to speak against injustice

By Lord Janner, November 25, 2010

Israel is a democratic State - as is Britain. But that does not mean I agree with all the policies of either government. Indeed, in Britain, I am an active parliamentarian in an opposition party. And regrettably, there are many policies of Israel's government with whichI also disagree.

Some 13 years ago, I spent time in the Arab Israeli town of Sakhnin. There, I made true and lasting friends with some of the most honourable Israelis. They regarded themselves as proud Arab citizens of Israel. What is currently occurring with the Arab population of sovereign Israel is of deep concern.


Israel is only ours by virtue of our conduct

By Jonathan Wittenberg, November 25, 2010

I welcome Mick Davis' courage and comments. They come from a man deeply committed to Israel.

We worry lest the Jewish state cease to exist because of a military defeat. More recently we've become concerned Israel may no longer be Jewish because of demographic factors. But it is also possible that Israel ceases to be a 'Jewish' state for ethical reasons, because it fails to remain faithful to the 3000-year-old ethical traditions of Judaism.


Mick Davis: the fallout from his Israel comments

By Lord Kalms, November 25, 2010

The JLC may be self-appointed, but even self-appointed leaders should try to speak and behave like leaders. Mick Davis's recent comments show a startling lack of leadership and sense.

Everybody is entitled to their opinion but can anybody really hold a straight face and say the UK Jewish community is unwilling to criticise Israel? Most of us see no lack of debate.


Even antisemites are sometimes right

By Clive Sinclair, November 22, 2010

In 1966, I bought my parents a carriage clock for their silver wedding anniversary. It was last wound 30 years later, in December 1996, the month my father died. He was playing bridge with his neighbours, Norman and Hadassah, when his heart began to fail. An argument had developed, not about the game, but about Israel.

My father had voiced the opinion that the election of Benjamin Netanyahu was a disaster. "Four years, the settlement freeze lasted," he said, "and now he ends it overnight. That's not what I call giving peace a chance."


Boxing? Not on my box

By Peter Rosengard, November 19, 2010

On Saturday night I made an appointment with myself to stay in and watch the pay-per-view heavyweight championship of the world boxing match between the challenger Audley Harrison and the champion David Haye on Sky.

After five minutes of pointing my two remote controls at my 42 inch plasma screen, I finally managed to get the TV to switch on.


Obscene film with a point

By John Nathan, November 19, 2010

On the face of it, German film director Uwe Boll is not the obvious choice to make a film about Auschwitz.

Take his 2007 movie, Postal, which --- like many a Boll movie --- is based on a shoot-em-up computer game. Boll's version of Postal is, like much of his output, a straight-to-DVD, sex-action romp. This one features a trailer-trash hero called Dude, bumbling Islamic terrorists who crash an airliner into the Word Trade Centre and lots of pretty girls in bikinis who, for reasons I haven't grasped, wear swastika arm bands.


How Chief Rabbi has sold off US autonomy

By Stephen Games, November 12, 2010

Does the Chief Rabbinate have a future?

The question is usually framed in terms of whether it is fair for the head of the United Synagogue to act as if he represented the whole of Anglo-Jewry.

That is an important issue because, as Geoffrey Alderman noted in his book, Controversy and Crisis, although the US is still the largest single denomination in Anglo-Jewry, it is now outnumbered in terms of members by seven other communal bodies.


Cut the baby-boomer boasts

By Monica Porter, November 11, 2010

My high-school graduating class of 1970 recently held its 40-year reunion in New York. This has been followed by copious emails between the attendees and other class members who (like me) did not attend but have re-connected via cyberspace. And it's been a typical exercise in baby-boomer myth-making.