It is not cycles that drive the Mid-East conflict

By Dan Kosky, April 21, 2011

The latest round of Gaza border violence is seemingly over, but it has given rise to a familiarly inadequate analysis of the situation.


Scared to death by dramatist

By Julia Pascal, April 15, 2011

Does theatre matter? Jewish/Arab director and actor Juliano Mer-Khamis was gunned down by masked gunmen in Jenin last week. He had prophesised on Israeli television that he would die this way. Mer-Khamis was born, as he put it: "One hundred per cent Jewish and one hundred per cent Arab".


Anglo-Jewry's special legacy

By Alison Fisch Katz, April 15, 2011

I recently attended two funerals; one in Jerusalem and the other in Zichron Ya'akov. Both of the deceased were members of my family who had died on the same day, and both were brought on the same El Al flight from Heathrow to Ben Gurion for burial in Israel by their next of kin.


The love that we make

By Tracy-Ann Oberman, April 15, 2011

I have had an almost rabbinical epiphany this week. I started rehearsals on a play by Alan Ayckbourn, aka the modern-day Chekhov. Like Chekhov, Ayckbourn understands the human condition in all its glorious frailty. He sees the flaws and hypocricies and ridiculousness that makes human relationships function or dysfunction.


When did a news report last change your mind?

By Jennifer Lipman, April 14, 2011

As Shakespeare never wrote, what's in a tweet? Truth, analysis, reasoned argument? Or merely speculation and rushed judgment?


Let's all move to Bristol

By Simon Round, April 8, 2011

I imagine that there are plenty of JC readers out there getting ready to try for children right now. Well, perhaps you should wait until you have read this article before you start.

The general line in the Jewish community is you should go for it – either you will conceive which will be good for our future, or you won't be successful in which case you will still have fun trying.


A bookseller's last chapter?

By Andrew Franklin, April 8, 2011

This time of year, as we prepare for Passover, we think of Jerusalem more than ever. Imagine that you had been born in Jerusalem, lived there throughout your childhood with your family and left to study in America. You stayed on, got married and had a family before deciding to return to the city of your birth.


Not news when Jew sues Jews

By Simon Rocker, April 7, 2011

In February last year, Walter Bader took part in Scotland's first Masorti service. A few weeks later, he lost his position as a burial officer with the Orthodox Glasgow Hebrew Burial Society.

The board denied that there was any connection between the two events, citing other reasons for his removal including "cost-effectiveness".


'Brotherly love' has no part in true democracy

By Barak M Seener, April 7, 2011

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood has blind-sided the West to appear as a pluralistic movement. And the US National Security Council has not ruled out "engagement with the Muslim Brotherhood as part of an orderly process".


Why I am a Reformed man

By Ben Rich, April 1, 2011

On leaving university, I dabbled in politics, until a headhunter suggested public relations as "more of a real job". So I spent the next 13 years helping an eclectic selection of clients such as McDonald's tell their customers what they were about. My father has never really understood this. "It's communications, Dad. Helping organisations explain what they do."