More care needed on front line

By Adloyada, September 4, 2014

There's a buzz in my neck of the Jewish community. No one's scared. They're delighted that Jews across the UK have started Doing Something.

New activist groups pop up on Facebook like mushrooms. Join a protest. Support Israel. Fight antisemitism. Stop the boycotters.


The importance of living Jewishly

By Jude Williams, September 4, 2014

So the joke goes: "Two old Russian Jews are reading their newspapers on Shabbat afternoon somewhere on the Pale of Settlement. One is shifting uncomfortably in his armchair. He huffs and says "Oy Vey. Jews are being killed. There are pogroms, riots and new laws against us. What will we do?" He looks across at his companion who is smiling happily.


Charity that exploits its high reputation for ethical work

By Gerald M Steinberg and Naftali Balanson, September 4, 2014

Oxfam was founded in 1942 to provide humanitarian aid around the world but it has also become a powerful political force, and the opinions (and prejudices) of its leaders are often more influential than those of many elected officials.

This is particularly true in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, where Oxfam's highly biased agenda is continuing to contribute to the conflict.


It's naive to think David Ward is the true voice of the Lib Dem's on Israel

By Gavin Stollar, August 28, 2014

The past two months have been hard. Hard for anyone who cares about Israel.

As chairman of the Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel (LDFI), my job, like all Israel's advocates, has been hard, but it is, also, a privilege with great responsibility.

In our party, LDFI is a key conduit to the UK Jewish community and on all matters related to Israel and Palestine.


Solution to his sticky situation

By David Robson, August 28, 2014

I have never been any sort of a businessman. When I was a student, I went to buy a record-player available for £20 or nearest offer, and ended up paying £25. I have never managed to sell anything in my life. I was at school with boys who have become some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country and all I learnt was a smattering of Latin and classical Hebrew.


Time to revive Prevent strategy

By Paul Richards, August 28, 2014

Michael Gove's last act as Education Secretary was to investigate claims of an Islamist plot to take over the running of some of Birmingham's schools. Gove was criticised for putting counter-terrorism expert Peter Clarke in charge of the investigation.


Our faiths must work together

By Monica Porter, August 28, 2014

During the latest war between Israel and Hamas, I have been waging my own mini-battle on Facebook, flying the flag for Israel. I have nearly 1400 Facebook friends, the majority of whom have been acquired as a result of my latest book. They are a kind of international, multi-ethnic fan base. My usual "status updates" on the site relate to my work.


Banter: just another weasel word

By Grant Feller, August 28, 2014

It was simply "banter" and the more my two friends remonstrated with me, the more I wondered whether I had got it wrong.

Now it seems "banter" has become the catch-all excuse for people who are unable to tell the difference between being a racist and speaking like one.


Putting the picture together

By Lucian Hudson, August 28, 2014

Leadership in a crisis requires not just skill in responding appropriately in the moment but a coherence and consistency of purpose over time.


Strong Muslim-Jewish relationship is vital

By Vivian Wineman, August 28, 2014

Many in the community will share the Board of Deputies' deep concern about the rise in antisemitism in the UK during the conflict in Israel and Gaza.