I operate as a Jew in disguise

By Emma Barnett, June 9, 2016

I came out six years ago. It was roughly one o'clock in the morning and it happened without forward planning. My throat was tight and mouth desert dry as the words fell clumsily out.

"I am... a Jew." And there it was. My faith out there. Live on the radio.


Vote to keep Britain's voice strong in Europe

By Stuart Polak, June 9, 2016

Speaking five years after victory in the Second World War, at the beginning of the process that began the formation of the European Union, Winston Churchill told the House of Commons that "on either side of the Atlantic it is felt that inter-dependence is part of our faith and the means of our salvation."

The European Union was conceived to render war in Europe impossible, by restraining nation


Let Jews define what it means to be Jewish

By Jonathan Boyd, June 9, 2016

There is one fundamental issue the Chakrabarti Inquiry needs to understand. It has nothing to do with antisemitism or the Holocaust, or for that matter, Ken Livingstone, Naz Shah or Jeremy Corbyn. It can be summed up in two words: Jewish peoplehood.

When most people in the UK discuss Israel, it is seen as a foreign policy issue.


Walkies for dog owners is a real treat

By Gloria Tessler, June 9, 2016

Jack Russells, shnauzers, German shepherds, retrievers and an array of labradoodles, cockapoos and bichon frises turned out for the Maccabi GB Community Dog Walk.


Kids' trips can be traumatic for their anxious parents

By Lianne Kolirin, June 9, 2016

It began as any other ordinary day; I packed my children off to school, then rushed to work.

My eight-year-old was going on a school trip and I thought nothing of it, besides to wish him a fun day out with his friends.


Why has Corbyn already settled on the Inquiry's verdict - and how should Labour members interpret this?

By John Ware, June 9, 2016

Shami Chakrabarti, the former Director of Liberty now heading Labour’s antisemitism inquiry says: “The difference between a progressive political party and others is that it fights both prejudice and complacency.”


It's time for more honesty about Israel

By Marc Cohen, June 2, 2016

The great American President Franklin D. Roosevelt once said that "Confidence thrives on honesty". Reflecting on Israel's amazing achievements in her short modern history, I am bursting with pride. Yet, every time I listen to the speeches given by many of our communal leaders, I can't help feeling that we are being short-changed and patronised.


Another good week for the anti-Jewish myth-makers

By David Collier, June 2, 2016

Let down by a society that doesn't believe in truth, Wanstead High School pupil Leanne Mohamad has already been weaponised. With the publicity her anti-Israel speech received, I feel sorry for her.


Jewish bubble? Not at King Solomon

By Matthew Slater, May 26, 2016

As a head teacher I am in a privileged position to have the opportunity to influence the lives of the young people that attend my school.


The document that saved my mother's life

By Rabbi David Lister, May 26, 2016

My mother passed away in November nearly three years ago. She was a mixture of love and discipline: the love was for others and the discipline was for herself.