Meddling in the Middle East

By Alana Baranov, August 24, 2012

The beaming, gracious Madiba waving to his people, the endless queues of multiracial crowds weaving as far as the eye can see - these are my memories of growing up in South Africa as apartheid came to an end.


Say hello to the twisted ideology of choice

By Giles Fraser, August 23, 2012

The current row about circumcision that is now raging all over Europe is profoundly troubling on a number of levels.

The Bavaria case this week comes on the back of the court case in Cologne against a Muslim doctor for circumcising a boy with parental consent and moves in Scandinavia seeking to outlaw male circumcision.


Cristal farce may hide serious truth

By Martin Bright, August 23, 2012

There is something deeply surreal about the Moty Cristal affair. It would be comical if the principles involved were not so fundamental.


A convenient alibi for the trendy left

By Norman Geras, August 21, 2012

It is not difficult to understand the long affinity that has existed between Jews and the left.


True cost of Hebrew lessons

By David Robson, August 20, 2012

Nick Boles, MP for Grantham and Stamford, is a member of Conservative Friends of Israel. In May 2011, he entered a civil partnership with an Israeli man. You can't get much friendlier than that. But Mr Boles is no friend of Anglo-Jewish parents with school-age children. Last week it emerged that he had claimed £678.80 in parliamentary expenses for Hebrew lessons.


Religion is not a childish choice

By Deborah Levy, August 19, 2012

As a mother of two daughters aged 21 and 17, I sometimes cast my mind back to the things they so desperately wanted when they were 10. Among their many requests, I recall my eldest pleading to leave choir and my youngest demanding more ear piercings.


Now let’s volunteer, and smile

By Barry Frankfurt, August 17, 2012

Ever since London was awarded the Olympics back in 2005, we have heard a great deal about the legacy the Games will leave behind. Under the mantra of "Inspire a Generation", the London Organising Committee set itself the goal of engaging the public not just for two weeks but for the rest of our lives.


Matthew Gould is right. We do need to talk about Israel

By Shimon Cohen, August 16, 2012

The British ambassador to Israel, Matthew Gould, recently expressed the view that those who care about Israel's standing in the world "should be concerned by the erosion of popular support" for it in the UK.


Trying to keep track of it all

By Peter Rosengard, August 14, 2012

London Olympic conversation number one, in a taxi. "Going to the Games?" I ask the cabbie. "No mate… I've got no tickets," he said sadly. Did you apply for any tickets? "No, I didn't"

"You know something? I think there's a connection here ," I said.


Judge right in conversion case

By Jonathan Goldberg, August 9, 2012

The case of the Jewish girl, "C", who wants to be baptised against her mother's will, has achieved great publicity this week, with criticism directed at the judge who ruled on it.

Judge Platt's decision is fact specific and creates no binding precedent whatsoever.