It's a hole new world

By Peter Rosengard, July 11, 2011

Moses the moth man called me back on Tuesday afternoon. "Mr Rosengard, I've just surveyed your flat and you've got moths."

"I know I've got moths, Moses. that's why I called you on Friday."

"Well they're in your cupboard with the clothes and I can tell you now Mr Rosengard that very soon they're going start eating your carpet."

"My carpet? How soon exactly? Thursday morning?"


Tour is where it all begins

By Jennifer Lipman, July 11, 2011

You find it stuffed at the back of the wardrobe, musty, a little worn-out. On the front perhaps there is a cartoon camel or a number that for four weeks you were inexplicably wedded to. On the back, the names of people you've long forgotten, with jokey nicknames you no longer understand.

And suddenly, you're 16 again.


Secular education is the way to keep Jews Jewish

By Felix Posen, July 7, 2011

When the next Jewish population surveys are published in 2012, the results will make headlines. However, at least one important statistic should surprise no one. In study after study, more than 50 per cent of Jews self-define as non-religious or secular.


People power needs people

By Keith Kahn-Harris, July 4, 2011

Never has the term "people power" seemed more relevant than today. In the past few months, mass demonstrations in the Middle East and North Africa, together with sit-ins in Spain and Greece, have shown that mass protests can challenge apparently immovable power structures.


It's a Bob and Paul bonanza

By David Robson, July 4, 2011

Well, it's been like Christmas, or call it Chanucah if you prefer. Bob Dylan and Paul Simon playing in Britain in the same fortnight! Old Jews, both with their 70th birthday this year, the two greatest songwriters of the second half of the 20th century. About that there is no debate. Feel the quality, feel the width. In nearly five decades, nobody else has come close.


We should be free to debate

By Rebecca Steinfeld, July 4, 2011

There's an old Jewish joke: "Two Jews, three opinions." As Jews, we pride ourselves on our long history of debate. We dispute everything, from the merits of Carmelli's and Daniel's challah to the finer points of Jewish law. Virtually every page of the Talmud contains halakhic disagreement.


UCU's 'chilling' vote

By Eric Pickles, June 30, 2011

Even the most harmonious society is not immune to irrational hatreds. The Holocaust was designed in the home of Mozart, Goethe and Schiller. A nation's defence against prejudice is not its cultural achievements, but the attitudes and actions of its citizens.


It's time Anglo-Jewry threw away its corset

By Shmuley Boteach, June 30, 2011

Eleven years ago, I lived in the UK and, though I served primarily as rabbi to students at Oxford University, I gradually expanded the scope of my activities until I was well entrenched in mainstream Anglo-Jewish life.

Amid my affection and admiration for a community renowned for its high Jewish day school attendance, generous social welfare programmes and committed communal charities, I slowly


VIPs' misconceived detour

By Mordechai Beck, June 27, 2011

Israel's Foreign Office recently revealed that, since March of this year, foreign dignitaries have no longer been taken to Herzl's grave as part of their official visit. The reason cited was lack of time.


Mummy, please stop it!

By Tracy-Ann Oberman, June 27, 2011

Maison Oberman has resembled the X Factor HQ these past two weeks. I kid you not. Mr O works in the music industry and is not quiet about vocalising his opinions. On the occasions that X Factor has graced our screens, he can be heard passing damning judgement on the delusionals who take part.