Conspiracy politics

April 11, 2012

The significance of Raed Salah's victory in overturning the Home Office's attempt to have him deported lies not in its impact on Salah but in its wider implications. The most obvious is that a high court judge has decided that preaching the blood libel is no bar to entry into the UK. We will all draw our own conclusions about the mindset which can reach such a decision. On such grounds, it is difficult to know what would indeed be considered unacceptable for permission to enter the UK. But in the immediate aftermath of the ruling, there has been a still more disturbing development. The Community Security Trust, a body which exists to prevent racist attacks on Jews and which is a model worldwide, has been attacked by Salah's supporters - including the Guardian newspaper - for being, it is implied, at the centre of a Jewish conspiracy to mislead elected politicians and exert undue influence over the Home Office. This is not merely a lie and a gross calumny against a fine organisation for which every Jew in the land has reason to be grateful. It is a classic, shocking and immensely significant example of pure antisemitism in its traditional form. So depressing as the judge's ruling may be, it has served one very useful purpose. It has flushed out what often lies so lightly hidden under the surface of these issues.

Last updated: 2:10pm, April 11 2012