Why this conference matters

By Lorna Fitzsimons, May 5, 2011

This conference represents a real chance to help our fellow citizens to understand the importance of Israel to Britain. Regardless of where we stand, we must at least agree on this: that the futures of Britain and Israel are inextricably bound together, by common interests, and shared values. The linkages between the two nations are real, and significant - this is a time for us to engage and stand side-by-side as citizens.
On May 15 there is an opportunity to create something groundbreaking. The aim is simple: to re-engage and re-energise, to express our support for Israel through education, discussion and activism. For years the community has expressed a desire for a real grassroots movement - now is the time to make this happen. If we all make the effort on the 15th we can be part of creating a real movement for change. The ambition is to reboot the community from the bottom up, and create legions of grassroots activists.

This conference is designed for novice, seasoned campaigner, Jew and non-Jew. The only question is: "Do I care about Israel and its future?" If the answer is yes, there is no more important place for you to be than with us on Sunday May 15.

Whatever her own shortcomings, and whatever legitimate criticisms she may face, Israel faces a torrent of unjustified libels and accusations which are drowning out serious and informed debate. Israel needs people who care about her to engage, and that's why we need you to register at www.webelieveinisrael.org. We can only make a difference if we stand together.

Lorna Fitzsimons is chief executive of Bicom

Last updated: 11:06am, May 5 2011