Reform? Orthodox? I'm not sure where I belong

By Emma Barnett, October 27, 2016

Over the last five years I've swung both ways. With and without my husband present. So don't worry, dear reader, he knows of my promiscuity. In fact he's actively encouraged it.

So who are these two suitors duelling for my affections? Reform and Orthodox Judaism that's who. And so far, no one has won.


My boy's small, thin Israeli barmitzvah

By Jo Sugarman, October 21, 2016

I have a confession to make. I'm not great at making a simcha.

You'd imagine I was an expert after two, but then we made aliyah and making the third in Israel was a somewhat different experience.

In the UK, I book my venue two years in advance.


Torah's take on sexual abuse

By Rabbi Yoni Birnbaum, October 21, 2016

In the immediate aftermath of the publication of the now infamous obscene Trump videotape, Canadian writer Kelly Oxford decided to ask women to tweet their "first experiences of sexual assault", under the hashtag #notokay. She described the results as "harrowing". For 14 hours straight, she received a minimum of 50 tweets per minute, each recording a separate instance of assault.


What about the women?

By Miriam Shaviv, October 21, 2016

Columnist Ben Judah certainly touched a nerve when he complained last month about how unfriendly synagogues are towards three-times-a-year Jews.

"The rabbi lavishes his attention on the frum core… while the less frum families are pretty much ignored," he wrote.


Why didn't MPs speak to the most abused Jews?

By Daniel Sugarman, October 21, 2016

Earlier this week, the Home Affairs Select Committee of the House of Commons released its report on antisemitism.

My colleagues in the news pages have discussed in detail what the report contains; I want to discuss what it does not contain; the voices of Charedim.

Yes, the Chief Rabbi gave testimony; but, while most of the Charedi community may respect the Chief Rabbi, they do not see him as


Brummer on business: In a time of great uncertainty. these are the economists you should listen to

By Alex Brummer, October 21, 2016

It has not been the best of times for economists.

The experts who were so wrong on Brexit with their dire predictions of recession, higher taxes and even pestilence if Britain voted to leave the European Union.


Comment: This cynical move needs a transparent response

By Stephen Rosenthal, October 20, 2016

I’ve never been offended by a salmon fillet.

But this week “non-offensive” (a term used to describe food served at a Jewish function, supplied by non-supervised caterers but not featuring so-called “offensive” ingredients like pork or shellfish) caused me great offence.


United Synagogues: what about the women?

By Miriam Shaviv, October 20, 2016

Columnist Ben Judah certainly struck a nerve when he complained last month about how unfriendly synagogues are towards three-times-a-year Jews.


The hard left’s double-standard on Israel

By Robert Philpot, October 19, 2016

Never has a silence been more telling.

As Boris Johnson pointed out during last week’s emergency debate on Vladimir Putin’s destruction of the Syrian city of Aleppo, the sound of raised voices and angry chants outside the Russian Embassy in London is conspicuous by its absence.


The benefits of pressing reset

By Stephen Rosenthal, October 13, 2016

Over the past two months I've learnt that "reset", the dumbest button on the otherwise smart tech devices that now fill our lives, is the most powerful.

Think about it.

One tap and "boom", factory settings restored. Good as new.