Obama's liberal Jewish fools

By Melanie Phillips, May 30, 2008

American Jews are so intent on voting anti-Republican that they are trying to elect an anti-Israel Democrat

Are American Jews the equivalent of chickens voting for Shabbat?

They have persuaded themselves that Barack Obama is a friend of the Jewish people, because Obama put his hand on his heart and swore
undying friendship to the state of Israel.


Police failed us over imam racism

By Geoffrey Alderman, May 23, 2008

The authorities’ reluctance to pursue Islamic radicals has been a boon to the BNP

The apologies given in the High Court last week by the West Midlands police and the Crown Prosecution Service to the makers of an extraordinary documentary have thrown a welcome light upon that species of malign political correctness that is eating away at British tolerance and respect for minorities. 


How I solved my identity crisis

By Miriam Shaviv, May 23, 2008

What do you do when another journalist writes under the same name as you?

It’s Miriam Shaviv here; JC comment editor, and the same Miriam Shaviv that usually appears in this slot.

It may sound as if I’m stating the obvious, but those of you who read the Jerusalem Post may be confused.

For although the odds seem incredibly low, there is another journalist called Miriam Shaviv. She edits the Arts section of the Post, the paper which employed me before I worked here. And she writes regularly under the same byline as me.


Sir Alan, you're hired as our rep

By Jonathan Freedland, May 16, 2008

Alan Sugar is the most visible Jew in this country. And that’s no bad thing

I was hooked even before the chicken. Wednesday nights have been ring-fenced in the diary since the latest series of The Apprentice began, but my addiction goes back even further. To me, Sir Alan Sugar and his would-be employees have become a harbinger of summer, like the sound of leather on willow: when they re-appear, I know that winter is over at last.


Ken lost us, then lost London

By Geoffrey Alderman, May 16, 2008

The statistics indicate that if Livingstone had apologised to London’s Jews, he may have won

What part did the Jews of London play in the ousting of its former mayor, Ken Livingstone? The circumstantial evidence is compelling, and points to a vindication of Nicky Gavron’s claim (reported in last week’s JC) that a Jewish backlash made a significant contribution to his loss of office.


Let Lord Levy speak his mind

By Geoffrey Alderman, May 9, 2008

The attacks on Michael Levy’s new memoir are groundless


The BNP victory is a calamity

By Daniel Finkelstein, May 9, 2008

The election of the BNP to the London Assembly threatens clear thinking across the political board


I sent this one-word text message to a member of the Tory high command as the results from the local elections came in and it became apparent that what had seemed almost impossible a few months ago had come to pass — Boris Johnson would be the next mayor of London.

“I think you mean cripes!” came the reply.


Israel should not fight polygamy

By Geoffrey Alderman, May 2, 2008

Many Bedouin have been killed while serving in the IDF. Time to show their culture some respect

The Israeli government has recently announced a programme to tackle the “problem” of polygamy amongst its Bedouin citizens.

There is no such “problem”.


Red and green meet brownshirts

By David Aaronovitch, May 2, 2008

Dr Kollerstrom emerged from a small but distinct political movement. That should worry us


Israel a theocracy? It would die

By Geoffrey Alderman, April 25, 2008

Its greatest challenge is to remain both the Jewish state and a liberal democracy