A Reform chief rabbinate soon?

By Geoffrey Alderman, September 26, 2008

The real threat of the latest call for unity is that signatories will set up their own United Reformed Synagogue

So much has already been written about the Statement of Community Collaboration jointly authored by the Reform, Liberal and Masorti movements that I hesitate to add to the discussion. I do so only because I don't think that the significance of the Statement can be properly understood without taking a long-term view of its origins and meaning. Blame the historian in me if you like.


Progressives launch a war

By Miriam Shaviv, September 19, 2008


Unity? How totally unrealistic

By David Aaronovitch, September 19, 2008

The community will never be as one as long as the Orthodox believe they are better Jews than the rest.


Playing politics at the mikveh

By Geoffrey Alderman, September 19, 2008

A proposal for a ritual bath in Cambridge is being obstructed, for no good reason

Being an Oxford man, I do not travel to Cambridge very frequently. But there are some remarkable similarities surrounding the Jewish presence in both these ancient seats of learning.


On Israel, fear Obama, not Palin

By Melanie Phillips, September 12, 2008

American Jews are attacking Sarah Palin's Zionist credentials - while ignoring far larger questions about Obama's


To judge from the screams of horror from certain Jewish quarters, anyone would think that Torquemada was about to open a branch of the Inquisition in Washington DC.


Why I’m optimistic about peace

By Geoffrey Alderman, September 12, 2008

The Palestinians may finally be accepting that ‘armed struggle' is futile


For the first time in years, the prospects are looking rosier for a peace - of sorts - in the Middle East.


A shul scared of its members

By Miriam Shaviv, September 4, 2008

So the interim chief executive of the United Synagogue has, temporarily at least, overruled his rabbis, who recently recommended that laymen should be allowed to deliver eulogies at funerals. At stake, he said, was a procedural issue: the Rabbinical Council did not consult the Beth Din and Chief Rabbi about the change.


Hate material online? Let it stay

By Geoffrey Alderman, September 4, 2008

There is no point to Andrew Dismore's attack on WH Smith for selling the Protocols on the web - other than publicity


The Hendon parliamentary constituency contains a larger proportion of Jewish voters than any other parliamentary constituency in the UK. So it is only natural that the Hendon MP should cultivate his Jewish clientèle. And Andrew Dismore - the Labour MP in question - does so.

Mr Dismore is not a slave to the Jewish vote. Nor should he be. But on what we might call the "core" issues he is sound.


Blind US Zionism will kill Israel

By Jonathan Freedland, August 28, 2008

Both Joe Biden and McCain's likely running-mate are staunch supporters of Israel. But what it really needs is tough love.


We all need a secular education

By Geoffrey Alderman, August 28, 2008

Ofsted is right to demand better non-religious teaching in Charedi schools: it helps children learn right from wrong.

ive years ago, a welcome change in government policy meant that although independent schools were under no obligation to teach the national curriculum, they would all henceforth be subject to government inspection. This year, so far, Ofsted reports on 14 privately funded Jewish schools have been published. As Simon Rocker's analysis in last week's JC demonstrated, some of these audits make grim reading.