Johnny is not the rotten one

By Julie Burchill, August 19, 2010

I love Israel and I love Rihanna, so imagine my glee earlier this year on seeing a photo of her lying by the exact Tel Aviv swimming pool where I had been lounging just a few days before! I'm less fond of Lady Gaga so I wasn't quite as stoked to see her mooching around the Western Wall. And I can't stand Madonna so I wasn't overjoyed to see her strutting around the Promised Land.

But, hey, every little helps in the war against the half-wits seeking to demonise Israel through the medium of cultural boycott.


No outcry at Abbas's racism?

By Geoffrey Alderman, August 19, 2010

In mid-July, in an interview with the Jordanian newspaper al-Ghad, Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, set out his minimum conditions for a definitive peace treaty with Israel.


Beware of chain-letter blight

By Daniel Finkelstein, August 12, 2010

The Judaic Studies programme of the University of Kentucky offers a course designated as "History 323: The Holocaust". I found this out last week for a rather odd reason, and I thought you would like to know.

Every so often over the past three years, you see, I have been receiving emails about the teaching of the Holocaust. Perhaps you have, too. And I have been ignoring them. But now I realise that perhaps I shouldn't have.


Friends uninvited to the party

By Geoffrey Alderman, August 12, 2010

My dictionary defines a "gaffe" as "a blatant mistake or misjudgment". Prime Minister David Cameron has recently been accused of having made several political gaffes in the course of various ill-judged foreign policy initiatives.


Just remember your mates to stay immune from hate

By Michael Freedland, August 5, 2010

One of the problems for those of us on the wrong side of middle-age is that we show too much respect for certain people in our past, and too little for others. You could say it’s the natural order of things. But every now and again when my dearest and most loyal pals and I get together, I start asking questions.


It’s ‘This Life’ with sheitels on

By Jonathan Freedland, August 5, 2010

I’ve been thinking about Natti: is he ever going to get over his commitment problem and settle down? And Yifat is worrying me: she’s getting too used to being alone. And Amir is so lonely these days it hurts.


Avoid these shady shnorrers

By Geoffrey Alderman, August 5, 2010

Attending a Tisha b’Av morning service at a synagogue in north-west London last month, my recitation of the exquisite kinot (elegies) composed for this occasion was aggressively interrupted twice by “collectors” waving grubby sheets of paper and soliciting cash donations for the supposed charities on whose behalf they were raising funds.


Beware the spiritual splitters

By Angela Epstein, August 5, 2010

My name is Angela and I like to go to synagogue on Shabbat.

Not quite as epic an admission as confessing to lashing Jack Daniels on my Cocoa Pops, I know, but since we live in times when assimilation is on the rise and the attraction of a shmooze in the pews is diminishing, declaring a fondness for doing the shul run is something of a rarity.


Rich Desmond's white paper

By David Aaronovitch, July 28, 2010

Some people will no doubt see the hidden hand of International Jewry behind Richard Desmond's purchase of Channel 5 this week. They will be updating Nick Griffin's old list of media bagel-eaters, and quite conceivably putting this particular ownership at the very top - especially now that Michael Grade has laid down the burden assigned to him by the Elders back in the day.


Yet another out-of-tune rabbi

By Geoffrey Alderman, July 28, 2010

Earlier this month, one of my many Israeli admirers sent me a web-link to a story that on first reading I felt sure was a spoof. After all, the summer months are traditionally the media's "silly season" and this particular story struck me as particularly silly. Sadly, however, I have to confirm that the story is in no sense a spoof. It was, indeed, featured as a news item in last week's JC.