Death penalty not the answer

By Geoffrey Alderman, June 2, 2016

As you will doubtless have gathered, Israeli politics is currently undergoing something of a revolution. Following the Knesset elections of 2015, Bibi Netanyahu managed to stitch together a coalition government that has enjoyed an ultra precarious one-seat majority in the Knesset.


Hats off to married life – except in shul

By Abigail Radnor, June 2, 2016

If I might say so myself, I'm good at a simcha. I really do give the Ushavtem Mayim my all, often demonstrated by the sweat beads rolling down my face, but then I'd much rather be shvitz than nisht (which is something I might get printed on novelty sweatbands).


Jews get in the way of the left

By Daniel Finkelstein, June 2, 2016

Two things happened this week - one public and one personal - that didn't seem to be connected. But, when I thought about them for a little while, I realised that they were.


Some evidence for the Inquiry

By Geoffrey Alderman, May 26, 2016

An Open Letter to Ms Shami Chakrabarti, chair of the Labour Party Inquiry into Antisemitism & Other Forms of Racism.

Dear Ms Chakrabarti,

Now that the terms of reference have been published of the investigation you are chairing into antisemitism and other forms of racism in the Labour party that you have conveniently (but as I understand entirely incidentally) just joined, I thought I would


Don't play the Nazi card

By Jonathan Freedland, May 26, 2016

If there's one good thing to have come out of the debate over Labour and antisemitism, it might be the emerging consensus that, when discussing the Middle East, it's best to leave Hitler out of it. And not just the Middle East.


Enslaved by prejudiced history

By Geoffrey Alderman, May 19, 2016

Among the roll-call of Labour party members who have been suspended for alleged antisemitic comments one name stands out. It's not Ken Livingstone. Or Bradford West MP Naz Shah. Or any of the local-government councillors on the list (most of whom appear to be of the Muslim faith).


Boris is far from alone

By Melanie Phillips, May 19, 2016

Boris Johnson got into trouble last week with a historical reference.He said Napoleon, Hitler and others had tried to unify Europe; the EU was trying to do the same by different methods.


How I could have cleaned up and lost it all

By Peter Rosengard, May 12, 2016



Inquiry will conclude in silence

By Geoffrey Alderman, May 12, 2016

In the wake of scandals involving alleged antisemitic statements said to have been uttered by sundry Labour stalwarts, Jeremy Corbyn has announced the establishment of an "internal inquiry" into these matters.


Move out, we can't move up

By Miriam Shaviv, May 12, 2016

Every few years, a story appears about Charedim from Hackney looking to set up a new community in a cheaper, less crowded area. This April they were moving to Canvey Island in Essex. Last year Hemel Hempstead, and before that, Milton Keynes.

So far, none of the plans has come to fruition.