Mrs Cohen's diary: Harry Styles and me? My lips are sealed

By Mrs Cohen, February 28, 2014

* I can’t tell you how thrilled I was when young Ben Winston picked up a Brit award for directing the One Direction video. I have known young Ben since he was a glint in the eye of fertility specialist Lord Winston, or Bobbie Baby as I like to call him. So, as I stood at the back of the auditorium with the ageing rockers, there was a happy tear in my eye when his name was announced. It has been widely publicised that Ben had been teaching One D’s Harry Styles about all things Jewish. Let’s just say that young Styles (who as we all know has a penchant for the older woman) has been having a little extra Hebrew tuition on the side. Mustn’t say more just in case the tabloids are reading this.

* Talking of rock dinosaurs, I was delighted to see that the members of Deep Purple were not only alive but heading out to play in Israel. Apparently you can teach old rockers new tricks, because Ian Gillan and the chaps will be making their acting debuts in an Israeli TV series about an aspiring rock band from Jerusalem, called Atlantica. I’m so pleased for the programme’s producers who had implored me to make an appearance in the show myself, saying I could double the viewing figures. But they were happy enough when I gave them Ian’s number. And, after Roger Waters’s anti-Israel outbursts, it’s nice to know that there are Israel-friendly elderly rockers out there. I always preferred purple to pink anyway.

* Terrible news about Ghostbusters star Harold Ramis, who died this week aged 69. Among other things, Ramis was the director of the film Groundhog Day. I met him at a few Hollywood parties back in the early ’90s and he invited me to a private preview. I think it must have been an early version because the actors seemed to be performing the same scene over and over again. Harold asked me what I thought of it afterwards and I replied that I thought it required a little work… a little work… a little work…

* I worry about young Mark Zuckerberg. I mean I know everyone’s on Facebook these days and he’s done very well since I knew him as a geeky shnip when I was teaching Fashion Sense at Harvard back in the day. But I do question the amount of money he is paying Jan Koum for WhatsApp. I know they are both Jewish and have been friends for a long time, but £11 billion? By my calculations that will mean Zucksy will be down to his last £4 billion. And all for an app which allows you to text for free. As I told him the other night, this makes no sense. I have unlimited texts on my monthly plan already and so do my friends. It’s going to end in disaster. Never mind, if he hits the buffers there’s always a bed in my spare room.

Last updated: 12:45pm, February 28 2014