Mrs Cohen's diary: it's been a double Alex week

January 24, 2014

* My old friend Alex Carlile has been muttering to me this week about the injustice done to Lord Rennard. I agree with him – if they can’t prove that Rennard has been having a crafty grope, why should he own up to it? Personally I think that Rennard would have a much easier time of it if he popped down to the gym. If he did some work on his abs and cut down on the carbs he would find that young activists would not be able to keep their hands off him. Not that I have time for anyone who harrasses young women. I remember when I was working in children’s TV in the 70s that I was chased round just about every studio at the BBC. I’m less spritely now but I still think I could outrun a portly peer.

* Another day, another Alex. This time Alex Chesterman, an old acquaintance, has decided to pull his company, Zoopla, out of its sponsorship with a football team after a French player called Anelka was found playing with his quenelle. I would rather walk over hot coals than watch Match of the Day but I have seen the incident on the news and I was utterly shocked. Anelka had a completely shaven head and a full beard – it looked like his head was upside down — very disturbing. Anyway, there will be no Zoopla in West Bromwich after this season which will be very bad news for house prices in the area, if they even have houses there, which I doubt.

* I am a big fan of the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme in which young people are persuaded to do wonderful things rather than drinking cider on park benches. So I was delighted to be invited to the JLGB’s launch of eVOLve – the young volunteering initiative for the Jewish community. It was guest of honour, Prince Edward, who persuaded me to come. He was desperate to have at least one friendly face there. I’ve always been a sucker for rosy cheeks and a boyish grin – as far as I am concerned, the only way is Wessex.

* I had been in two minds over whether to accompany Shimon Peres to Davos to accept his tribute to the cause of peace but I happened to see that skiing conditions were going to be favourable for the rest of the week, and of course I wanted to be there for Shim’s big day. I’m not sure he will be taking to the slopes himself — after all his knees are not what they were. Still, the alpine air will be very good for him and I am hoping that I can persuade him to dip his bread into the fondue after a couple of gluhweins, just like old times. Apparently Klaus Schwab is due to pay tribute to Shim’s contribution to the cause of peace, economics and technology. It will be moving: too bad I have treatments booked for that afternoon. Never mind, I can always catch up on YouTube.

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