Why I love the Queen, the majestic mensch

By Maureen Lipman, May 31, 2012

To me the queen is very klug (smart). She keeps her own counsel. She is discreet, patient and astonishingly hard-working.

She never lets age, anxiety or fatigue stand between her and her commitment to duty. She is wary but never world- weary, wise and warmer than you’d think. She is interested, curious and surprisingly open- minded.


New team at Board of Deputies face fresh challenges

By Simon Rocker, May 24, 2012

"It's an upset," one old-timer declared after Sunday's election results. Not that Laura Marks was elected, but that she had captured the top vice-presidential slot barely four months after becoming a deputy. Her election clearly signals a widespread desire for a breath of fresh air.


EU fed lies about Israel and West Bank

By Gerald Steinberg, May 17, 2012

On May 14, EU foreign ministers officially condemned Israeli policy in “Area C”, that part of the West Bank under Israel’s responsibility according to the Oslo frameworks. Their words adopt the Arab narrative and are far removed from the complex reality.


Labour Palestine group comes of age

By Martin Bright, May 17, 2012

On Monday, Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East held its annual parliamentary reception. The usual backbench phalanx was there, including Jeremy Corbyn and Richard Burden.


Israel uses detention without trial in the same way as all other democracies

May 10, 2012

Administrative detention is an anomaly in any democratic society. It exits in Israel as an anti- terrorist measure and has been used as such by practically every democratic country.


Welcome to France, where the anti-Israel vote is now key

By Robin Shepherd, May 10, 2012

In a fascinating piece on the recent presidential elections in France, French political analyst Michel Gurfinkiel contrasted the fortunes of left and right in the 18th and 17th districts in the north of Paris. The 18th voted overwhelmingly for the left; the 17th for the right.


Israeli state validates 40,000 conversions

By Nathan Jeffay, May 10, 2012

Israel's High Court has affirmed the validity of 40,000 conversions, called in to doubt when the so-called conversion crisis started four years ago.

In 2008, a panel of judges in Israel's Supreme Rabbinical Court raised a question mark over all conversions performed in the previous decade by the state's conversion courts.


British National Party bucks far-right trend in Europe - by losing

By Jessica Elgot, May 10, 2012

Support for the British National Party has "collapsed" in all of its former strongholds, losing 10 of the 12 council seats it was defending.

The far-right party lost its seat in the London Assembly and all its candidates lost their deposits, according to Hope Not Hate.


Ken pays price for sectarianism

By Martin Bright, May 10, 2012

At around 10 o'clock on Friday evening I received a call from a prominent figure in the Jewish community, a lifelong Labour supporter who had worked for the party in his youth.

The count for the London mayoral election was looking closer than anyone had predicted and my caller was getting twitchy.


This accord is just sticking plaster on broken system

By Arye Carmon, May 10, 2012

David Cameron's administration is the UK's first coalition government since the war.

In contrast, Benjamin Netanyahu's coalition is Israel's 33rd. And he has to manage not one but six coalition partners.

The politics of survival led in 2009 to him establishing the largest cabinet ever, comprised of 30 ministers and nine deputy ministers.