Kerry sowing seeds of a nightmare in Middle East

By John R Bradley, March 7, 2013

As US Secretary of State John Kerry visited Egypt last week, the country was hit by a massive swarm of locusts —an eerie echo of the eighth of the Ten Plagues just weeks before Pesach.


Tough timing, but plenty of muscle to spare

By Jonathan Cummings, March 7, 2013

Reports of Aipac’s demise are premature.

It is true that this is the first time for several years that neither the US President nor the Prime Minister of Israel will be addressing its policy conference.


Why Israeli Purim spiels don’t do the trick

By Nathan Jeffay, March 1, 2013

As Jerusalem prepares for US President Barack Obama’s visit on March 20, Israelis have one burning question — what will the prime minister’s wife wear?


With Hagel on side, Obama looks set for Middle East scrap

By Jonathan Cummings, February 28, 2013

President Obama’s nominee for Defence Secretary, former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel, has been confirmed by the Senate, ending several weeks of deeply acrimonious hearings in Congress.


As talks fizzle out, an Iranian reactor comes to life

By Emanuele Ottolenghi, February 28, 2013

Despite guarded optimism and the promise of two more rounds of talks in March and April, the latest tranche of nuclear diplomacy between Iran and six world powers, which ended on Wednesday in Almaty, Kazakhstan, offered nothing new.


Tzipi Livni’s return divides opinion

By Anshel Pfeffer, February 21, 2013

Tzipi Livni’s imminent appointment — providing Benjamin Netanyahu can form a coalition — as minister in charge of negotiations with the Palestinians hardly means that peace is about to break out. For a start, a strategy for talks is yet to be agreed.


Old guard reeling as politics is reinvented

By Jenni Frazer, February 21, 2013

“I advertise products that I don’t necessarily consume,” says Sefi Shaked. But even with this as a caveat, it is not so easy to understand why a left-wing, secular, former Meretz voter would apply his considerable talents to promoting the right-wing religious politician Naftali Bennett — and catapult him to 12 seats in the new Knesset.


Even the best of the BBC meets terror with error in interviews

By Robin Shepherd, February 15, 2013

There is a moment in Stephen Sackur’s recent BBC Hardtalk interview with Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal when one throws up one’s hands in despair.


Stock rises for 'Hitler's pope'

By David Conway, February 15, 2013

Pope Benedict’s decision to resign has re-ignited media debate about his degree of complicity in the cover-up of child abuse by Catholic priests.

That debate echoes an earlier controversy over the complicity in evil on a much vaster scale of a predecessor of Benedict.


Next time, can we have a theological upgrade?

By Ed Kessler, February 14, 2013

The papacy of Benedict XVI has been a challenging time for Catholic-Jewish relations. He entered the papacy in 2005 expressing a desire to follow the footsteps of his predecessor Pope John Paul II.