All eyes on François Hollande

By Liam Hoare, December 27, 2012

Following the killing of Jewish schoolchildren in Toulouse and numerous other hate attacks in France this year, all eyes will be on how President François Hollande deals with Muslim extremism in 2013.

Malmo in Sweden remains a hotbed of antisemitic violence and, this month, Israeli tourists were advised not to wear kippot in Denmark after a string of attacks in the Copenhagen district of Nørrebro. In both cases, certain sections of the countries’ Muslim communities were to blame.

In Hungary, the ultra-nationalist Jobbik party continues to spout Jew-hate, and an Italian version of the Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn is seeking political legitimacy in Italy. This year will be another challenging one for Europe’s Jews.

Liam Hoare is a freelance analyst

Last updated: 9:45pm, December 27 2012