Intimidation and aggression: one student's story

Eleanor Segall graduated from Goldsmiths University, last year. She explains how defending Israel on campus during her time as JSoc chair affected her:

By Eleanor Segall, September 27, 2011

"From the moment I arrived, there was an active pro-Palestinian campaign and their tactics were very aggressive.

"Their activists were always in the corridors, always canvassing. They had notice-boards with pictures of Israeli soldiers aiming their guns at Palestinian children, but no context at all.

"During Operation Cast Lead, they took over the town hall owned by Goldsmiths and flew a Palestinian flag from the top so everyone could see it from the main road. I found it very intimidating.

"On one occasion, I tried to speak to them about Israeli politics at one of their meetings. I told them I was upset about them making comparisons with the Holocaust. I told them I had cried about it. They were horrible and extremely hostile, asking why they shouldn't bring up the Holocaust.

"I could not have anticipated the amount of aggression I would see on campus and the tactics in use. It became a big part of my life, especially because there were so few Jewish students on the campus."

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