Edinburgh can be blueprint for future

By Marcus Dysch, February 24, 2011

The unexpectedly calm proceedings at Edinburgh should act as a beacon and a blueprint for future campus events.

Outside there was a ring of steel and noticeable police presence to keep vocal protesters at a safe distance.

Stringent checks, an agreed list of student-only attendees and a mix of university staff and security guards ensured that inside no one dared re-enact the vicious "welcome" extended to Ishmael Khaldi just three weeks earlier.

The procedures put in place by university officials meant Mr Prosor and the students, both pro and anti-Israel, were all able to have their say in a respectful, academic atmosphere.

When a pro-Palestinian student, wearing a keffiyeh, is able to calmly stand up, criticise the Israeli ambassador, and then commend his diplomatic abilities before quietly leaving, then something has clearly worked.

Last updated: 2:15pm, February 24 2011