Boy London is making the wrong kind of statement

By Tamara Corin, March 6, 2014

Fashion and statement go hand in hand.

Nazi, fascist and extremist symbolism in fashion are unfortunately not new things, so it comes to no surprise that the latest brand to cause controversy amongst the fashion set is Boy London.

This urban label (created in the 70s in the heyday of punk) is famous for putting edgy symbols on their products - of which the Parteiadler - the Nazi party eagle is its chief one.

But simply taking out the swastika does not strip this logo of its original intent or inherent history.

Being controversial almost guarantees a reaction that ultimately gains publicity. Spanish owned high street store, Zara, was forced to withdraw handbags from their shelves after a flurry of complaints about the swastika logos embroidered on them, forcing the bosses to publicly apologise.

In the case of Boy London, the celebrity endorsement by Rihanna and Jessie J, has generated even more publicity, and encouraged young consumers, who may be ignorant of past uses of the eagle symbol, to buy into the brand.

There may be no such thing as bad publicity but when one of the biggest department stores in London, and a regular haunt for North-West London shoppers, removes a popular brand from it’s shop floor, this is a statement in itself.

Fenwick, stocks a huge range of both mid-range and designer favourite labels, but with their clientele being at the forefront of their minds , it made the brave and justified decision to remove the Boy London logo.

Personally, I agree with Fenwick, I too am offended by Boy London’s designs. I strongly believe the label is simply encouraging racism and antisemitism. They should not have chosen the symbol. Period.

Edgy is one thing; turning the official emblem of the Nazi regime into a frivolous piece of fashion is quite another.

Hitler knew well the power and importance of symbols - so too should we.

Tamara Corin is the JC fashion editor

Last updated: 3:18pm, March 6 2014