Israel-Daesh clash is tip of iceberg

By John R Bradley, December 1, 2016

This week's unprecedented clash between the IDF and Daesh, which left four jihadis dead after they fired rockets from the Golan at an army patrol, signals a dramatic escalation between Israel and the terror outfit.


Labour and antisemitism: A small step forward

By Marcus Dysch, December 1, 2016

It has not been a great year for the Labour Party's relationship with British Jews, to put it mildly.

But if Tuesday's Labour Friends of Israel lunch was anything to go by, a smidgen of positivity may be visible as we enter the final month of 2016.


No Fidelity: Castro's complex relationship with Israel

By Colin Shindler, December 1, 2016

Last Shabbat, the prayer for the state of Israel was recited in the main Havana synagogue.

It was also the day when the announcement was made of the passing of Fidel Castro, who had broken off diplomatic relations with Israel in 1973.

This symbolised Castro's individualistic approach towards Jews and Israel while remaining a severe critic of the Netanyahu government.


It's almost sure to be Fillon v Le Pen: an agonising choice for French Jews

By John Lichfield, December 1, 2016

French jews face the prospect of an agonising choice in the final round of the presidential election in May - between a de-odorised far right and a mainstream conservative candidate who has made several ambivalent remarks about Jews.


Mosul has been freed before - ask Jonah

By Lawrence Joffe, December 1, 2016

Only weeks ago, hungry Jews spent Yom Kippur listening to how Jonah turned the people of Mosul from their evil ways. Wait a minute - Mosul? The oil-rich Iraqi city that has languished under Daesh rule since July 2014 and is now the site of a major battle for its liberation?

Yes, for the Book of Jonah's fabled Nineveh is essentially the same place.


Castro supported Cuban aliyah

By Jordan Lancaster, December 1, 2016

We had fully expected to encounter a "Cuban minyan" - eight men and two Sifrei Torah - on a recent Friday night with the community at Bet Shalom synagogue in the once-affluent Vedado district of Havana.


Israel faces up to complex challenge

By Nathan Jeffay, November 24, 2016

The founders of Israel dreamed of "ingathering the exiles". It is safe to say they never realised the complex medical challenges that came with this.


The Chief Rabbi is walking a tightrope

By Simon Rocker, November 24, 2016

The Chief Rabbi must hope his statement on partnership minyanim will defuse the latest controversy with a prudent balance between reaffirming his halachic opposition to them at the same time as declaring his "respect" for those who take part in them.

What he has signally avoided is recommending any sanction against participants of partnership minyanim in synagogues under his jurisdiction.


Row over Democrats' Muslim hopeful

By Jonathan Cummings, November 24, 2016

As Republicans prepare to return to the White House, Democrats need to decide their next moves.


Israel eyes opportunities - cautiously

By Anshel Pfeffer, November 24, 2016

Wworld leaders have been cold-calling Trump Tower in an attempt to get some minutes on the phone with the next president, but Israeli officials seem to have the opposite problem.

Close ties between the right wing of Israeli politics and all levels of the Republican Party and the US right mean both Mr Trump's close advisers and the appointments he has made so far are well-connected in Israel.