St Andrews Jewish Society

February 3, 2011
JSoc members at the Freshers’ Fair stall

JSoc members at the Freshers’ Fair stall

What universities do you cover?
We are based at the University of St Andrews. The society also receives members and visitors from outside St Andrews, including members of the Dundee Hebrew Congregation and students at the University of Dundee.

How many members do you have?

We have over 50 members, many of whom bring other guests to events on a regular basis. We have enjoyed significant growth over the last two years, and hope to welcome more new members as the year progresses.

What weekly events do you run?

We normally hold two events per week. The society offers Shabbat meals every other Friday night, with kosher food prepared by the committee and an optional service available for all participants. This year we have also introduced a Shabbaton event, comprising a Saturday morning service, parshah discussion and lunch, led by a lecturer at the university and her husband. We offer regular bagel lunches and discussions covering a wide range of topics from festivals to medical ethics, led by the UJC chaplain for Scotland, Rabbi Garry Wayland. Finally, we offer weekly Hebrew lessons, available for all members.

What is your biggest event of the year?

For the first time, we will be hosting one of the year's two Northern Region weekends this month. Members of Jewish Societies located throughout Scotland and northern England will gather in St Andrews for a great weekend, getting the chance to attend talks, enjoy social outings and good food, and make new friends from different places. Furthermore, we also hold a Northern Region beach barbecue near the end of each academic year.

How do students get in touch?

St Andrews is a small town, but we work hard to provide a fun environment for students here. Contact us at Check out our Facebook group to receive updates and information on events and activities.

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