October 14, 2010
Rebecca Schapira, Max Gruber and Michael Martyn

Rebecca Schapira, Max Gruber and Michael Martyn

● Which universities do you cover?

Our students come from the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University.

● How many members do you have?

There are now around 800 Jewish students in Nottingham, with about 450 active JSoc members.

● What weekly events do you run?

We have weekly Friday night meals and Shabbat lunches and run a range of popular nights from pub quizes to Israeli bands.

We provide a fun-filled atmosphere in which everyone is welcome and can enjoy each other's company. There's also a wide variety of activities, including the volunteer scheme, where students can help at a cheder, vist old age homes and food shelters.

● What is your biggest event of the year?

Nottingham Booze for Jews and our annual Charity Ball always attract hundreds of Jewish students not only from Nottingham but from across the UK.

● How can students get in touch?

Add us as a friend on Facebook. Search for Nottingham JSoc or go to We are also on Twitter - @NottinghamJSOC.

Last updated: 5:37pm, October 14 2010