We’re there in spirit

By James Genn, October 27, 2010

Argh, counting! That was my feeling during my first lecture. After a bus ride during which I had to stand on the staircase for half-an-hour, I still showed up late due to the bus being late.

Only after arriving did I remember that accounting modules involve maths, something which I avoided for three years, and I had forgotten my calculator.

I was saved by the fact that this was just after Freshers’ Week, a period notorious for the consumption of large amounts of alcohol.

For those who haven’t experienced Freshers’ Week, I can confirm that its notoriety is well earned.

Most of the students in the first lectures had a hangover, so by being sober, I still managed to look pretty good.

There was even more alcohol at the legendary Oxford Brookes Man Club, where men come to drink like men, and at the two alcohol-filled JSoc meet and greets.

One was for the students at Oxford Brookes, the other for all Oxford students. Alcohol was either free or cheap and every student knows this makes it the best type. Student life is good.

There has been one negative point about life in Oxford so far. As beautiful as the town is, and as good as the student life is, it’s very easy to get ill.

I have been living in Oxford for more than a month and I have had some form of “freshers’ flu” the whole time that I have been here, but that’s just a part of what makes life as a fresher here so great.

James is 19, from Elstree, Herts, and studies business management and publishing media at Oxford Brookes

Last updated: 5:22pm, October 27 2010