Rabbi fills dinner gap

By Marcus Dysch, January 28, 2010

Students in Nottingham may have been stressed out during the exam period this month, but they have not been going hungry.

Chaplain Rabbi Yochanan Pereira and wife Jodie have been feeding students in record numbers — hosting up to 70 at a time as JSoc committee members took a break to concentrate on their studies.

Rabbi Pereira explained: “On two weekends we held Friday-night meals in our house and on one occasion managed to fit 72 people into our house, 10 more than our previous record.

“I had to move a lot of furniture and we were worried everyone wouldn’t fit, but it was fun.

“The next day, 25 students came for Shabbat lunch. We’re here to help and we’ve also been giving them mid-week dinners during the exams.”

Last updated: 3:10pm, January 28 2010