UJS puts chicken on menu with Friday night initiative

By Marcus Dysch, November 12, 2009

From Aberdeen to Exeter, the Shabbat UK experience arrives on campuses next weekend.

The UJS initiative provides every Jewish student with the opportunity to enjoy a traditional Friday-night dinner, regardless of where they are studying or whether their university has a dedicated JSoc.

Packs of Shabbat essentials will be delivered ahead of November 20 and will include a chicken, candles, challot, grape juice and a prayer booklet.

Each pack is suitable for four people to share, either in a student house or flat, halls of residence or at a JSoc-organised communal dinner. It costs £1 per person.

This term, Shabbat UK has an “eco” theme, with the packs’ educational material containing information on Judaism and the environment.

It continues UJS’s November focus on social responsibility, which includes Mitzvah Day and the launch of the One Campaign. To apply for a Shabbat UK pack visit www.ujs.org.uk or contact your JSoc.

Last updated: 4:50pm, November 12 2009