Union votes against bias on MidEast

By Marcus Dysch, October 15, 2009

University College London’s Jewish society has won a favourable result following a referendum on the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

UCL Union’s first general meeting of the year asked members to vote on the question: “Should your Union refrain from making a statement that condemns or supports either side of the Israel/Gaza conflict?”

More than 300 students attended the meeting, with 212 voting in favour of the union abstaining from commenting on matters in the Middle East.

Dan Sher, JSoc co-president, said: “After a week’s hard campaigning, the moderate majority on campus spoke up and voted in favour.

“It is a really great boost for Israel/Gaza politics on campus, as UCL Union has silenced the extremist minority today.

“Hopefully this will be a sign of things to come on other campuses around the UK.”

The result of the vote could make anti-Israel groups’ plans to secure campus boycotts or sanctions against the Jewish state “close to impossible for the foreseeable future”, said Mr Sher.

Last updated: 4:20pm, October 15 2009