Time to step out of my comfort zone — and start cooking

By Jordan Jacobs, October 4, 2012

Having lived in the Jewish bubble of North-West London for my entire life, I am now taking my first steps into the big, wide world.

Unlike almost all my friends and cohorts at JFS, I have not chosen to go to a “Jewniversity” and instead I am going to be studying at the University of Warwick.

When a Jewish teenager goes to university, one of two things can happen. Either they discover the enormity of the world and lose part of their Jewish identity, or they are pushed further towards it.

With only a small Jewish community at Warwick (about 70 in the JSoc), I am determined to become involved and possibly even hold a position of some responsibility in JSoc at some point during my time at uni, thus pushing me closer to my Jewish identity.

Of course there is a lot more to university than the JSoc. Academically, I am studying European Law, which is essentially an English law degree with an added year at a French university doing French law.

I hope that this will lead me to success in my professional career. Following a legal career is definitely an option, though by no means certain.

Socially I have similar anxieties to many of my peers. Will I settle in? Will I make friends? Will I be able to cook for myself?

On top of this, I only know one other person going to Warwick. Compare that to many of my friends who are going to Nottingham, Birmingham, or Leeds together, which I think will help them in the process of settling in.

I would be thrilled if I could find some new friends, and it would be especially great if I could meet some other Jews as well.

Jordan is 18 and from Edgware. He is a Fresher at Warwick University and is studying European Law. He will be writing for Fresher Focus throughout the academic year, charting his first 12 months at university

Last updated: 3:47pm, October 11 2012