This can be a great year on campus

By Daniel Grabiner, September 15, 2011
The new UJS team

The new UJS team

With a new year a new UJS team comes into being. This year, more than ever, we have a jam-packed schedule.

My election campaign to become UJS president focused on making the organisation fun and relevant to students. I am so excited to get back on campus in the coming weeks for all the Freshers' events. Look out for the team, we will be wearing bright orange T-shirts.

Our two big campaigns this year are going to focus on hate speech and Israel, spearheaded by our campaigns director, Dan Sheldon. Although we don't expect this year to be without contentions on campus, we are making every effort to be as prepared as we can be, informing and preparing students on the ground as thoroughly as possible.

In addition to this, we are focusing on the Jewish student's journey from sixth form to graduation.

Our aim is to be able to provide at least 100 internships this summer as well as master-classes with industry experts and networking events. All of these programmes will be overseen and run by Emma Stone, our membership services officer.

Our top priority, however, is always our JSocs. We are training and developing our local members in order for Jewish life on campus to be able to flourish. This will be overseen by our development team: Richard Verber, Judith Flacks and Emily Black.

We are also keen to ensure that our students know exactly what we are doing, and this responsibility falls to our new communications director, Charlotte Karp. We are excited to ensure that this year will be a great year to be Jewish on campus.

Like any UJS president before me I hope that Jewish students will not face an unfriendly or even hostile atmosphere on campus. The team is, however, working exceptionally hard to prepare for any eventualities.

Most Jewish students have a perfectly normal time at university and we would do well to remember this. Not every student will experience antisemitism or hostility to Israel.

My hope for the coming year is that we can continue to help students who do face these issues but also allow students to get involved in a wider range of JSoc and UJS events than ever before.

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