A lot to digest ­– and I don’t enjoy cooking

By Jordan Jacobs, January 31, 2013

The second term has begun, and university life has commenced. Exams, coursework, society trips and work experience are just a few of the things to consider.

It is so different from home life, how I miss not having to cook every night, the dishwasher, sky satellite and other home comforts. To all those waiting to move away from home, do not take them for granted, you will miss them.

The winter holiday has flashed by and I thoroughly enjoyed being back with my friends and family; though it took no time at all to settle back into university. I am cooking again, relying on food parcels from home.

Kosher delis must generate great revenues as Jewish parents worry at the thought of their children losing weight.

An even bigger concern has been housing. Choosing the right people to live with is just as crucial as finding a suitable property. Once the contract is signed, there’s no way out. It is a particularly daunting experience since any mistake may prove disastrous. However, it gives you a sense of independence, of responsibility and of becoming an adult.

It’s easy to forget that you come to university to study. Nevertheless, the pieces of the jigsaw are beginning to fit together in my law degree and I feel as if I am on track this year and getting to grips with what is expected from me.

Jewish life on campus can be as significant as you choose, with a range of opportunities. Inspirational speakers, Jewniversity Challenge and bagel lunch are just a few examples of what you may choose to immerse yourself in.

Even at what people call a small to medium size JSoc, with a bit of effort, you may find yourself spoilt for choice.

Jordan, from London, is a Fresher studying Law at Warwick University

Last updated: 11:52am, January 31 2013