Money Mensch

Don't be lax when it comes to tax

By Martin Lewis, April 21, 2011

This is an urgent call for every employee in the UK to check their tax code. Miss an error and it could cost you £1,000s.


A warning to all vehicle owners

By Martin Lewis, April 14, 2011

There is a big change coming to car insurance. The new Continuous Insurance Enforcement that comes into effect later this spring says all cars, bikes and motor homes must be insured, even if no-one drives them.

In other words, if you have a car, it needs to be continually insured. So you need to beware of your insurance lapsing while you are away.


Time to play your credit cards right

By Martin Lewis, April 7, 2011

The Budget may have relieved a little petrol-price pressure, but £1.33 per litre is still not that cheap.


Beware of BT's line rental price hikes this month

By Martin Lewis, March 31, 2011

BT is hiking its line rental by 30 pence a month from £13.60 to £13.90 on 28 April. This works out at £167 a year.

But if you have a BT line (all but those with cable or Kingston COMMS)you can now nearly halve it.

Until 4 April, Primus' new Line Rental Saver - via website HomePhoneChoices - is £6.79 per month.

There are however no inclusive calls, so it is best for low users.


When borrowing can benefit

By Martin Lewis, March 24, 2011

Length isn't everything - when it comes to 0 per cent credit cards for spending that is. We are in the midst of a borrowing renaissance: the longest ever 0 per cent card of its type has been launched, giving 15 months interest-free spending, plus reward points. Done right, credit cards are the cheapest way to borrow: done wrong they can cost a fortune.

● Is borrowing right for you?


There's a way to double your charity donations

By Martin Lewis, March 16, 2011

Ensuring your favourite charities get the maximum cash is not as simple as chucking coins in a bucket.

Donate the right way and you can boost what they receive by over 50 per cent.


There are ways to beat inflation

By Martin Lewis, March 10, 2011

Many savers feel like they are being battered against the wall. Yet, finally, a chink of good news. There are a range of inflation-tracking savings accounts to ensure your money won't be eroded.

● Why inflation hurts savers


The best ways to spend abroad

By Martin Lewis, March 3, 2011

If you are going away, don't forget to clue up on how to save the most money when using your plastic overseas.

Halifax's Clarity card is currently one of the best on the market to ensure you save on spending while you are away. However, it is only a good tool if you set up a direct debit to repay it in full each month.


Money Mensch: Plot your pension potential

By Martin Lewis, February 24, 2011

You could have had your state pension stolen from you without knowing it. A huge flaw in the National Insurance (NI) system means millions of people have paid for years but have not had it credited.


Money Mensch: Bluff to cut costs

By Martin Lewis, February 17, 2011

It's haggle time. Television and mobile phone companies know that many are skint right now and would prefer to reduce their costs rather than lose your custom.

Subscription television, mobile and broadband contracts are not cheap. So call up and ask for a better price, saying you are paying too much, or tell them about other deals you know of that are cheaper.