Money Mensch

My gift: a lesson in the law of returns

By Martin Lewis, December 15, 2011

With Chanucah and Christmas coinciding this year, if you're buying for yourself, family and colleagues, the list could be serious. Far too many people throw cash away thinking "I can always exchange it later".

Often that's just wrong. Shops can be sticklers at this time of year, so the only way to protect your pocket is bone up on your legal consumer rights.


Activate paid-for bank accounts

By Martin Lewis, December 8, 2011

I've never been a big fan of bank accounts that charge you up to £25 a month just to have them. Yet, in some cases, the additional travel, mobile and breakdown cover they give offers real benefits.


Saving accounts - they're child's play

By Martin Lewis, December 1, 2011

The new ISA has just launched and it is just for kids. Yet not every child is eligible and even if they are, it is not always the right deal. So here are my top ten things that everyone should know about children's savings accounts:

With Chanucah approaching, if you are planning to splash out on the kids why not buy them less and put the money in the bank instead?


Are you paying too much tax?

By Martin Lewis, November 17, 2011

Hundreds of thousands of people may miss out on tax refunds if they are not careful. Six million new refunds were recently discovered by the Revenue during an annual check. Yet underpayments were also found meaning you may owe more.


End of Airmiles

By Martin Lewis, November 10, 2011

The Airmiles reward scheme is being turned upside down and the big news that will leave many growling is that you will need to pay taxes and charges when redeeming flights.

On 16 November Avios will launch. Effectively it is a merger of the Airmiles, British Airways Executive Club and Iberia Plus rewards programmes.


The credit cards that come up trumps

By Martin Lewis, November 3, 2011

Credit cards could be more beneficial than you think. Provided you neuter their borrowing ability, for many, credit cards are by far the best way to spend.

Not only do you get extra consumer protection but get the right ones - cashback cards - and you get paid to use them. Better still, now is the perfect time to grab one as you can get a lot of cashback over the next couple of months.


It's time to start saving... for Chanucah

By Martin Lewis, October 6, 2011

Chanucah is coming. Now I hate the early creep of festivities as much as the next person, but if you want to have more and pay less there are some things you need to do soonish.


When students shouldn't pay off their loan

By Martin Lewis, September 22, 2011

Student loan interest rates have jumped to a huge 5.3 per cent for 100,000s of people across the UK. And with rates soaring, many are asking: "If I have got spare cash, should I use it to pay off or reduce my student loan?"

Your interest depends on the loan type

There are two different types of official student loan.

● Student BEFORE 1998.


Money Mensch: Loans to mortgages can be a big trap

By Martin Lewis, September 8, 2011

It feels like a no-brainer: shift expensive credit cards and loans onto a cheap mortgage and, bazinga, you're quids in.


Money Mensch: Texting for free

By Martin Lewis, September 1, 2011

Many packages include free texts but for those that don't, costs can soon add up - some providers charge 10p a go.