Money mensch: Save on your stamps

By Martin Lewis, November 27, 2008

Until December 24, Superdrug is knocking five per cent off the cost of 1st-class stamps. So a book of 12 now costs £4.10 instead of £4.32. While this isn't a huge saving, there's an important added bonus here. As the stamps say "1st" rather than the price - 36 pence - they are effectively ‘inflation proof': they are valid now or at any time in the future as 1st-class stamps.

So when the next round of price rises happens, usually in April, they can still be used. As it's very unlikely we'll ever see stamp prices dropping, it's worth you or your business stocking up while you can, though you can only buy a maximum of 72 in one transaction. Of course, you could always buy 2nd class too.

Last updated: 12:53pm, November 27 2008