Money mensch: How to cut the cost of sending text messages

By Martin Lewis, October 30, 2008

Texting is a bit of a con. If you want to send just 160 characters via old-fashioned texting, it can cost ten pence or more.

But, there is a way to slice this cost right down. It's done by using your phone's mobile internet to send text messages - not to mention emails, pictures, videos and music - rather than its text facility.

Of course, this is not as cheap as completely free texts you may get as part of your phone package.So, if you've got those, use them up first.

To send texts via the mobile internet, download software from either or, and you can text those with the same software for free, apart from a very small data charge.

If they don't have the software, then you can text using FishText for two pence or Vyke Pro for three pence. A warning, though; if you want to receive texts using this software, you will need to have the service switched on all the time, which can add up to around £1 or £2 a month.

But if you're a big texter, this is a great way to cut the cost.

Last updated: 2:28pm, October 30 2008