Money Mensch: Free mobile calls to 0800 numbers

By Martin Lewis, June 18, 2009

Call a 0800, 0808 or 0500 number from a landline and it is free. Call from a mobile and you could pay up to a whopping 40p/minute, meaning a ten-minute conversation clocks up at £4.

Calls to these numbers are very rarely included in inclusive minutes packages.Yet a nifty website has created a way to cut the cost down to your tariff’s local number charge or include it as part of your free minutes’. Simply call its special access number, then dial the freephone number. The site is called and it is important to understand it gives each person a different access number. Save this number on your mobile so you can dial it every time you need to call a freephone number. By dialling this way, all you pay is the cost of calling the access number which is a normal UK phone number, meaning if you have inclusive minutes on your mobile then it is free or at a cheaper rate.
There is a risk your mobile operator may eventually block the specific access number at some point. If so, go back to 0800buster and get a new access number.

Last updated: 5:14pm, June 19 2009